Since Everyone’s Trying to Leave the Country, Here's Where Expats Move to Make More Money

If you dream of becoming an expat, these 10 countries pay international workers especially well.

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Taylor Tobin
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July 25, 2024 at 5:6PM UTC

With the constant chaos streaming out of our society and the increasingly-tense relations between people on either side of the political spectrum, the United States isn’t exactly a low-stress place to live these days. If it’s all becoming a bit much for you to bear, it may be worth considering a move overseas. But, of course, a big life change like that requires a reliable flow of income. 

Luckily, Business Insider pulled together a list of the countries where ex-pats make the most money, so you can find out exactly where your financial options are most favorable. These nations comprise the top 10 best countries for ex-pat salaries:

10. Malaysia

More Asian countries appear on this list than nations from any other continent, including Malaysia, where the average income for expatriates stands at $117,269/year.

9. Australia

For a six-figure salary and consistently balmy weather, head down under to Australia, where expats earn an average of $125,803 annually.

8. Japan

A major player in the international tech industry, Japan offers an average salary of $127,362 to skilled residents from other countries.

7. Indonesia

The island nation of Indonesia pays expats an average of $127,980. This fact may be partially due to the small number of international workers living in Indonesia compared to neighboring countries. 

6. India

India tends to rank pretty low on lists of the best countries for expatriates, but salary doesn’t count among the negatives, as the average expat worker in India makes $131,759.

5. United Arab Emirates

The tourism industry in the UAE is booming, particularly in major cities like Abu Dhabi, which boosts the nation’s economy and brings average salaries for expats up to $155,039.

4. Singapore

Singapore boasts the 4th highest per-capita income in the world, so it stands to reason that expat salaries are competitive, with an average value of $162,172.

3. China

The world’s most populous nation compensates expatriate workers very nicely, at an average rate of $172,678.

2. Hong Kong

If you move to the urban territory of Hong Kong, you can expect a salary in the range of $178,706.

1. Switzerland

An international center for high finance and a beloved refuge for the affluent, Switzerland offers the highest salaries for expats of any nation in the world, at an average of $202,865.

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