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Smoothie bowls are a perfectly healthy breakfast that will both fulfill you and energize you. They offer the taste and texture of a smoothie with the satisfying crunch of toppings like granola, chia seeds, coconut shavings and dark chocolate. Add an array of fruits, and they're packed with nutrients, too.

With so many smoothie bowl recipes out there, how do you decide what you're in the mood for? We've narrowed down the 13 best smoothie bowls you should try. They all only take about five to 10 minutes of prep time, too, so you can rest assured that these are easy recipes that'll get you through the week.

1. Mixed Berries & Banana Bowl

Photo via Minimalist Baker

This smoothie bowl won't take longer than five minutes to make, it's a gluten-free and vegan option, and there are so few ingredients involved. Just throw frozen bananas and mixed berries in a blender and blend on low with a little bit of non-dairy milk (this recipe recommends coconut milk) and protein powder. Top it off with some fruit and coconut shavings, and you've got yourself a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

2. Berry Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Love and Lemons

What's better than a berry bowl? A berry bowl with even more vitamins and antioxidants. All that's involved: frozen berries, coconut milk, almond butter, spinach, acai powder (optional), maple syrup or another sweetener of choice (also optional). Blend it all up, and then top it with coconut flakes, hemp seeds, whole blueberries and freeze-dried strawberries.

3. Enlighten Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Simple Veganista

What makes a great smoothie bowl, beyond the taste? Color and texture. And this smoothie bowl has all of that, thanks to the frozen berry blend, fresh bananas, peanut butter for added protein and toppings that span everything from coconut flakes to granola to almonds. The recipe all recommends other toppings you can use, such as cacao nibs, hemp hearts, currants, pumpkin seeds, raisins and more.

4. Paleo and Vegan Strawberry, Banana Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Bakerita

Looking for a smoothie bowl that's both Paleo- and vegan-friendly? Try this refreshing strawberry and banana option, topped with a sprinkle of chia seeds. This recipe used unsweetened coconut milk, noting that the banana seems to add enough sweetness; but feel free to use sweetened coconut milk if you have a sweet tooth. 

5. Frozen Acai Papaya Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Avocado Pesto

This frozen acai bowl is packed with chopped papaya, chia seeds, acai powder, frozen bananas, coconut cream and almond butter. A dollop of maple syrup or agave can add a little more sweetness, too. It's also topped with fresh raspberries, homemade granola (you can buy your own) and some hemp seeds for added texture and some crunch.

6. Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Keep it Kind

Name a fruit more visually appealing than dragonfruit. We'll wait. This one is colored a brilliant pink, thank's to the dragonfruit puree, and is topped with a gamut of other fresh fruits and granola for added color and tastes.

7. Cacao Berry Bliss Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Keep it Kind

Cacao is chocolate in it's most raw form. And it's great for your health. This smoothie bowl is packed with it, as the base is made out of almond milk (or another vegan milk), bananas, frozen mixed berries, acai power, maca power and, of course, cacao power — and then it's topped with more cacao nibs, along with mixed fruits, hemp hearts and granola.

8. Camu Camu, Beet and Cranberry Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Nuts Blog

You might as well get your fruits and your veggies in the morning. This mouthwatering bowl is made with beets, bananas, avocados, cranberries (or blueberries), dates, almond milk (or another vegan milk) and camu camu powder.

9. Super Green Matcha and Ginger Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Epicurious

We could go on forever about the health benefits of matcha — it's great for your heart, your skin, your immune system and more, and it's ideal for sustaining energy longer and without the crash that coffee ultimately gives you. And, of course, ginger is equally great for the heart, your immune system, any stomach problems, blood pressure and more. Now toss in all your greens, and this smoothie bowl is practically magic.

10. Green Tea Lime Pie Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Oh She Glows

Green tea and key lime pie. Two favorite flavors. This smoothie bowl gets both of those with the lime, coconut, banana, avocado, baby spinach and Matcha green tea powder.

11. Golden Tumeric Chai Smoothie Bowl

Photo via My Life Cookbook

Golden milk is a combination of turmeric, coconut milk or oil and black pepper. Thanks to the turmeric, it's hugely anti-inflammatory and promotes healthy cell function — and, thanks to the black pepper, you can absorb that turmeric even better. Coconut milk, of course, is packed with antioxidants, too. And this smoothie combines all of that with some avocado, fresh ginger and spices for a flavorful punch, topped with chia seeds, shredded coconut, raspberries and goji berries. You can also give sunflower, pumpkin or flax seeds a try, as well as almonds, pecans, walnuts, berries or dried fruits, too.

12. Peach Berry Smoothie Bowl

Photo via Taste Love and Nourish

Peaches are a rejuvenating fruit that we don't see often in smoothie bowls. This one incorporates them beautifully, however. Just add peaches, bananas, berries, protein powder, almond milk and cinnamon together in a blender, and puree it on high speed until it's smooth. Then add your choice of toppings, which might include even more peaches and even more berries, hemp seeds, almonds, coconut flakes and more.

13. Dark Chocolate, Banana and Peanut Butter Smoothie Bowl

Photo via I Love Vegan

If you're less of a fruit person and more of a chocolate person, this smoothie bowl is for you. What's inside? Almond milk, natural peanut butter, a frozen banana, dark chocolate chips and cocoa blended together, topped with granola, a sliced banana, more dark chocolate chips (roughly chopped) and a drizzle of natural peanut butter.

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