Splunk: This Data-Driven Company Is Accelerating Positive Change and Creating a More Equitable World

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July 19, 2024 at 1:21PM UTC

Splunkers are innovators.

Whether they’re coming up with creative measures for rapid adoption, or discovering new ways to scale the business; Splunkers are consistently leading the world with new ways of thinking, doing and challenging the status quo. 

Splunk’s mission is: “To remove the barriers between data and action so everyone can thrive in the data age,” and their vision is: “A world where data provides clarity, elevates discussion and accelerates progress.”

Splunk is achieving their vision and mission, both of which are shaped by the over 8,000 employees around the world who embrace Splunk’s values and provide action guided by these values. Splunkers work together to unlock machine data so anyone can ask any question of their data and get clear answers, and even visualizations of those answers in real time. 

Splunk’s scalable index remains completely differentiated, taking in full fidelity data without having to structure it first. Their extensive platform fuels full stack observability and unified security for the multi hybrid cloud world we are all living in.

With Splunk’s over twenty years of experience on-prem combined with their cloud investments, Splunk has exactly what customers need, in the exact places they need it. This is why 96 out of the Fortune 100 companies use Splunk. 

Splunkers value innovation, passion, industry disruption, openness and fun, which is evident with Splunk’s recognition by Fortune as one of the Top 100 Best Workplaces. Splunk’s work in DEI has also led to recognition from Fortune as one of the best places to work for: 

  • Diversity

  • Women

  • Millennials

  • Parents

Read on to learn why now is a good time to grow your career at Splunk.

Diversity and inclusion as a number one priority.

“Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical in fulfilling our vision to deliver clarity, accelerate positive change, and create a more just world” Splunk tells Fairygodboss: “Data illuminates the path to achieve our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals so that all Splunkers can feel safe and thrive.”

Splunk recently appointed Rolddy Leyva as Chief Diversity Officer to lead the continued growth of inclusion, and drive positive change in the marketplace for Splunk’s customers and global partner communities. 

This is building on the work Splunk has already done, as they have seen an increase among women employees, particularly within leadership and people manager roles. The representation of other underrepresented groups (including employees of color and within LGBTQ+ communities) also rose from the previous year. 

It’s clear talking to Splunkers that the company is committed to recruiting, retaining, and developing high-performing employees from diverse geographies, ways of thinking and experiences. This increase within Splunk’s diversity numbers continues to expand their ever-growing remote working environment.

Splunk is transparent with their DEI strategy, and has built it on three key pillars: growing a diverse workforce, nurturing their culture of inclusion in the workplace and driving positive change in the marketplace for Splunkers, customers and partners.

The DEI Splunk Council sets and tracks progress on diversity, equity and inclusion across the company’s many functions and locations. Splunk is also proactive when it comes to mitigating unconscious bias across the hiring and talent recruitment processes. 

Additionally, Splunk’s employee resource groups (ERGs) offer support to employees via mentoring, allyship and networking opportunities. They currently boast nine employee-led ERGs, including:

  • BEAMs (Black Employees and Mentors)

  • Disabled=True (Splunkers with differing physical abilities)

  • Neurodiversity (science and wellness for supporting the way our minds work)

  • SOMOS (celebrating and supporting Latinx employees)

  • Pilipinx (celebrating and supporting Philipinx employees)

  • Natives (celebrating and supporting Indiginous employees)

  • Pride (celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ employees)

  • Womxn+ (the plus is to include those who identify as women and active allies)

  • Veterans (global across all areas of service)

Benefits at Splunk that we think you’ll love

During the stress and global uncertainty of these last two years, Splunk saw the need to add benefits to support employees, showing Splunk adapts to support ever changing needs.

Splunk created five Wellbeing Pillars to shape employee support: 

  1. Purpose

  2. Emotional

  3. Mental

  4. Physical

  5. Financial

Some examples of these are the quarterly discretionary funds Splunk provides for things which contribute to employees well being. Splunkers have enjoyed everything from vacation flights and hotel stays, event and concert tickets, cosmetic procedures, sporting and exercise equipment, and so much more. 

Splunk has also paid for Modern Health Sessions. This is a confidential service connecting employees with personal and professional coaches and licensed therapists for short or long-term struggles, coaching and support to achieve personal goals. From mindfulness sessions, therapy and nutritional support, to ways to save for retirement and tips for balancing life and work, Splunk wants their employees to feel supported inside and outside of their jobs.

The company has also leaned in with support for their virtual working environment, with the creation of a Slack emoji showing focus on mental health, telling Fairygodboss: “We want to normalize and encourage prioritizing our own wellness, and you’ll often see Splunkers across all orgs from leadership to interns using this “pause” button to step away from work.”

In addition, Splunk provides ergonomic home office assessments, with resources to help facilitate an optimal workstation setup, safe working postures, and tips to cultivate healthy work habits for our global workforce

Splunk believes in a work/life blend, and has measures in place to support flexible work schedules, an entirely new category of additional time off, and extra company-wide holidays. For Splunkers at home with children, Splunk compiled numerous parent resources, including tutoring materials for high school or college-age students, and added both live and on-demand activities such as coding, dance lessons, art classes and scavenger hunts. 

Outside the office, within Splunkers’ communities, the company also supports organizations and initiatives that rely on data for social impact, including STEM education, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

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