Succeeding in STEM as a Woman and Mom-to-Be: How to be Confident and Trust Yourself

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Ashleigh Gluckman

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May 27, 2024 at 2:38AM UTC

It’s no secret that STEM is a primarily male-dominated industry. But Ashleigh Gluckman, senior program manager at Rokt, has made space for herself in tech at a notably supportive company. 

“The most difficult part of being a woman in technology is having to prove myself and my knowledge in the area,” says Gluckman, who has been at Rokt for over 18 months. “I am a very loud and goofy personality, so I need to ensure that I balance my personality and be myself while also ensuring that I am taken seriously when I start implementing programs.”

“I am not afraid of making my opinion known, no matter who is in the room,” she says. “This contributes to my efficient stakeholder management, which has helped me succeed in program management.” She says that continually surprising herself with what she can do and learn — implementing large engineering programs successfully — is the most rewarding part of working in tech. And, she’s able to be so successful, in part, due to her self-proclaimed ability to “hold a room and make space” for herself.

We caught up with Gluckman to learn more about what it’s like to be a woman (and soon-to-be mother) in the tech space. She shares how she found success in her career, as well as her advice for other women in her shoes.

Why did you decide to join the tech/product field, and what made you join Rokt?

I really appreciate fast-paced environments and thrive in environments where tasks were expected to be done yesterday. That is the reason why I decided to enter the start-up tech field and especially Rokt.

What’s your No. 1 piece of advice for women looking to start a career in the technology/product field?

Be confident within yourself! Being confident does not mean being loud and outgoing, confident means not doubting your ability and trusting yourself that you’re meant to be in the room. If you trust yourself, others will, too.

How has Rokt supported you in your career as a woman in STEM?

There are many ways that Rokt has supported me and my career as a woman in STEM. Rokt has an amazing group called “Women Who Rokt,” which is composed of fantastic, amazing women who support each other and their ideas. Rokt also has a transparent career ladder that offers you the comfort of knowing you are being paid equally to your male coworkers. Help battle the pay gap that exists in business today.

Moving on, let’s talk about your upcoming maternity leave! How has Rokt helped support you as a mother-to-be?

Rokt offers an awesome paid maternity leave package of 16 weeks, with the ability to extend this onto unpaid leave if required. They are very supportive of taking maternity leave.

Why do you think Rokt is a particularly good place for working parents?

Rokt is incredibly flexible when it comes to working from home when required, leaving work early to pick up your kids from daycare or requiring days off for sick kids. It’s a very outcome-based company that focuses on what you can achieve rather than the hours you spend in your chair. They trust that you’ll complete your work when necessary in the required amount of time.

What advice can you offer to other moms who are expecting their first child?

Find a company that supports you and your want to build a family — and also supports you and your want to build a fulfilling and meaningful career. They exist. 

Is there anything else we haven’t asked about that you’d like to mention?

Everyone keeps telling me when I have my child my priorities will change. I know they won't, I know that I’ll want to build my career and be successful while my husband works part-time and takes on more responsibility at home. Societal norms are changing, and working at a company that supports this is refreshing. 

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