The 4 Reasons I Started My Career in a Big City — And Why I’ll Advocate For It Forever

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Jessica Howell10
Jessica Howell is a freelance content writer.
July 18, 2024 at 6:9PM UTC

People moving to bigger cities to avail more opportunities has been a growing trend for several decades. Bigger cities offer more and better career opportunities as there are numerous life experiences and lessons to be explored at every corner.

 If you started your career in a large metropolitan area, then you know about the networking possibilities that exist at local festivals, networking events, happy hours, and local meet-ups. Here are the benefits  I experienced when I  started my career in a big city:

1. Starting your career in a big city gives you a fresh start. 

People that move to a big city get to experience a fresh start. Fresh starts can be a fantastic moment for us and lead us to massive success. With a fresh start, you get to create new impressions, reset your priorities, experience a unique lifestyle and, above all, open more significant career opportunities.

This change can make a positive impact on your abilities and the way you do things. People learn very quickly how fast-paced the work environment is in a big city. Learning this new skill will benefit you for the rest of your career as well as your life. Being productive and efficient is a skill you must learn to survive and get ahead in a big city.

2. A big city often means better networking. 

Looking for better career opportunities isn’t a piece of cake if you don’t know anyone. Yes, this sounds like it’s easier to connect with people in smaller cities because you know almost everyone, whereas in big cities it is the opposite. So, how is living in a big city advantageous in this regard?

Bigger cities have an infinite amount of daily networking opportunities happening all around. With more opportunities to make new contacts, the better the chances of hearing about new and better job opportunities. Lastly, with so many businesses and industries all in one place, you have much higher odds of having a successful career and a better living. Little things like stepping out of your workplace to grab some lunch can take a surprising turn leading you to make new acquaintances. These types of occurrences do not happen easily in smaller towns.

3. A big city can mean more diverse opportunities.

Big cities have large populations, and large populations mean more work. People move to bigger cities every day with hopes and dreams of upgrading their lifestyles. Not only are people moving to bigger cities for more opportunities, but businesses are doing the same in hopes of finding more customers. If you started your career in a bigger city, then you realize how many jobs are available. However, you also know about the increased competition for those jobs. With an increase in competition, you know that you have to be creative to stand out from the crowd. Being an excellent networker comes in handy, and living in a place that fosters those opportunities is essential.

4. A big city often means a higher salary

Who wouldn’t want to make more money, and that too in a big organization? Big organizations have more resources; hence, they pay higher wages. Large organizations in big cities are more popular, they get more significant business contracts and have a much larger customer base. With more profit potential, these large scale businesses make the livelihood of their employees a lot better than the people working in small towns.

As a person that grew up in a small town and moved to a bigger city myself, I can passionately say I am happy with my choice. Being a mother of three and running a blog on parenting, I aspire to help all those working mothers who have been into the dilemma of managing work and family successfully. There is no doubt a small town has its charm and laid back lifestyle. However, if you have the ambition to be the head of a large organization someday, you have better chances in a bigger city.

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