The 6-Step Formula to the Perfect Job Description

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The first step to building an amazing team is attracting the best applicants. To make that happen, writing a dazzling job description is essential. Going above and beyond in your description will help make sure that your company brings in the talent you deserve. 

1. Pay attention to detail.

When writing a job description, the more details you include, the better off you’ll be. Descriptions should be no less than 700 words. Avoid vague statements that keep applicants from being able to construct a clear image of what their role would be. Prospective applicants should walk away with a clear understanding of what daily tasks they would be responsible for, who they would report to, a range of their salary, and where their position fits into the company as a whole. Because specificity is key, including a bullet point list can help clearly define what applicants should expect regarding the position.

2. Describe your company’s culture.

Just as an HR or hiring manager seeks to understand the personality of applicants, you should give potential applicants a feel of the company’s personality by including a description of your company’s work environment, the company mission, ethics, and goals. While the basics are important, it’s also essential to include what sets your company apart from others. Though applicants need to demonstrate their unique skills and abilities to you, they must have a solid understanding about what makes your company worth applying to. 

3. Provide a specific title.

Don’t make potential applicants question what role they will be expected to fill by providing a vague job title. Excluding something specific can deter people from applying if they aren’t sure what exactly they’ll be doing or what their title is. 

4. Show opportunity for growth.

Rather than writing a static description, allude to what opportunities lie beyond taking the role that you have listed. This can mean providing information about any training that is offered, any opportunities for furthering formal education, and mentorship programs you may offer. 

5. Be open to requirements.

Though some roles may require specific knowledge, understand that the more non-negotiable requirements you list, the more applicants you exclude. People who do not already have certain specialized skills may be deterred from applying, causing your company to miss out on major talent. By providing flexible requirements, you show that people who are willing to learn required skills are welcome to apply. 

6. Highlight the perks.

Applying to jobs can take up a lot of time, so show applicants that applying to work for your company is worth the investment. Clearly displaying the benefits your company offers shows what makes filling out the application worth their effort. Don’t leave out this important step. This can often be a big part of convincing applicants that they want to work for you. Make sure potential applicants know about standard benefits, such as retirement, as well as other benefits that are more specific to your company, such as providing a pet-friendly work environment or discounts to affiliated companies.


Kayla Heisler is an essayist and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. She is a contributing writer for Color My Bubble. Her work appears in New York's Best Emerging Poets anthology.