The 7 Benefits Any Supportive Employer Should Be Offering In 2020

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In 2020, being supported by your employer extends beyond the scope of receiving a paycheck (though, don’t get us wrong, financial support is nice too!).

The most competitive companies today are the ones who understand that employment is a two-way street, and that a truly engaged worker is one who feels supported both in and out of the office. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to see why we were so impressed by the employee benefits package being offered by Fisher Investments

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This global investment firm provides some pretty exceptional perks, with women on Fairygodboss saying these “best-ever” and “uncommon” benefits are emblematic of the company’s “appreciative environment.” Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Fisher’s name can frequently be spotted on the roster of top-rated places to work.

Fisher believes in being better than the status quo, however, and its benefits certainly speak to that. Below, we rounded up seven of the firm’s most enviable employee perks.

1. Generous paid parental leave

Considering the U.S. continues to rank dead last for paid parental leave compared to other developed nations, the eight weeks of fully paid primary caregiver leave Fisher offers its employees places it amongst the more generous paid leave offerings in the country. Those eight weeks are available on top of any disability benefits an employee may qualify for and are meant to give employees the time and financial freedom they need to bond with their newborn or adopted child. All in all, birth moms are eligible for up to 18-20 weeks of total time off, and non-birth parents have access to up to 12 weeks of bonding leave. 

2. Support for caregivers

The need for support as a new parent may start with paid leave, but it doesn’t end there. Fisher realizes this and provides 1:1 assistance from a dedicated contact for employees who are ramping onto or off of their leave time, making the transition smoother. In addition, new moms who’ve returned to work at Fisher will find multiple private lactation rooms.

3. 100% coverage of insurance premiums

And that goes for not only medical plan coverage, but dental and vision, too, for both employees and their dependents. This means that in a given year, a single employee can put over $7,000 back into their pocket that would’ve otherwise gone to insurance premiums. For an entire family that’s being covered on a Fisher health plan, those savings look closer to $23,000 a year.

4. Holistic approaches to employee wellness

Beyond its best-in-class traditional medical benefits, Fisher’s health plans also give employees access to different approaches to wellness through naturopathic care, acupuncture and chiropractic coverage. It’s about empowering employees to be proactive about their wellness, in whatever form that takes. 

5. An impactful 401(k) program

Fisher matches employees’ contributions to their 401(k) by 50%, up to the IRS maximum. That alone could mean a difference of nearly $1,000,000 come retirement time, with Fisher’s plan ranking in the top 15% of its peer group.* 

6. Scheduling flexibility 

For most roles at Fisher, we foster work-life balance by ensuring schedules are standardized and tasks don’t leave the office. Employees are supported when they need to take time to tend to any personal appointments that may occur. We currently offer eligible employees 20 days of PTO, plus 9 paid holidays. In a recent survey, 90% of our employees indicated they’re able to take time off from work when necessary.

7. Bells-and-whistles benefits

Beyond the heavy hitters that keep employees feeling healthy, balanced and financially secure, certain benefits are simply fun, and we think those deserve a shout out too. At Fisher, those perks take the form of everything from onsite dry cleaning services, food trucks and car washes to a travel assistance program to corporate rates on things like movie tickets and electronics. When you’re working for a company that cares not only about promoting your professional development but also your personal well-being, benefits like these are simply icing on the cake.

*Example assumes the employee contributes the IRS limit of $19,500 a year with 50% employer match and earns 6% average annual investment return. Returns are not guaranteed. Information on Fishers rank can be found here


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