The 7 Most Impactful Affirmations For Work To Instantly Boost Your Mood

The words that you say to yourself while doing your job matter.

Affirmation quote "I am exactly where I need to be"

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Anouare Abdou for Hive
Anouare Abdou for Hive
May 26, 2024 at 3:37AM UTC
The words that you say to yourself while doing your job matter. Using an affirmation – a positive statement that you can repeat out loud or in your head on a regular basis – can shift your energy and make you appear more approachable, calmer, and positive, says Dayana Aleksandrova, a mindset coach, TEDx speaker and messaging expert. 
“From a neuroscience perspective, affirmations help us rewire our brains so we can reprogram the way we think and our expectations. But here’s the thing: affirmations only work if you believe them,” she adds. You can tell yourself affirmations all day long but if you are deeply unconvinced that they are true, it won’t do much. Instead, aim to embody the sentiment of the affirmation in ways that you can get behind.
How? Aleksandrova has her clients take out a sheet of paper and write what they want on the left side, and what they bring to the table on the right side. “For example, ‘I want to make $10K per month’ and ‘I deserve it because I’m diligent about work, I care, I have fantastic attention to detail, I’m reliable, passionate, and an eager learner.’”
Her favorite affirmations include “All that I need to be successful is already inside me.” and “I am kind, have pure intentions, and others are drawn to my energy. “ Read on for more affirmations for work that will instantly boost your mood that you can use to instantly boost your mood at work.

1. “I am exactly where I need to be.”

This is a great affirmation for those times when you feel stuck in your career. It’s about keeping the faith that you will figure out your next moves and find more purpose in your work again. Maybe your current job is no longer fulfilling. Perhaps you don’t even know where to begin to change your situation. Repeating this affirmation reminds you that you are gaining insights and experience and there is no single, absolute “right” path or timeline when it comes to your unique career journey.

2. “Everything will get done. Just breathe.”

Feeling overwhelmed? This affirmation can help you ground yourself and stay calm. It reminds you that there is no point rushing and stressing, and that everything eventually gets done. When you stay calm while tackling your to-do list, you’re able to be more productive without the extra stress. And taking a breath will boost your mood.

3. “I am doing my best.”

“The world does not have to weigh on your shoulders,” says Aleksandrova, who recommends this affirmation to clients who feel crippled by their obligations. Remember that you’re doing the best you can and that your best will vary depending on the circumstances. Your job is not to do the impossible, so keep affirming this and showing up.

4. “It’s okay to ask for help.”

On that note, it’s also okay to ask for help, and if it’s something you tend to struggle with, this affirmation is great for you. You won’t come across as incompetent if you seek out help from a colleague, adds Aleksandrova, who supports her fair share of perfectionists who try to do everything themselves. If you recognize yourself in those perfectionist tendencies, this statement can be particularly beneficial.

5. “Good enough is good enough.”

Here is another affirmation that is ideal for perfectionists and overachievers. This statement is about anchoring the idea that you are letting go of unrealistic standards. Because chances are, your version of good enough is probably amazing to someone else. And if you constantly aim for perfection, it can prevent you from taking action and learning and growing.

6. “I am a clear and confident communicator.”

If the thought of public speaking gives you anxiety, you may want to embrace this affirmation. It will get you out of your own head when you’re feeling worried about how others will perceive you when you communicate at work.

7. “I stand firm in my own energy and nothing anyone else says or does can hurt or bring me down.”

Aleksandrova recommends this affirmation if you ever have to deal with conflict in your team. Had a difficult conversation with a coworker? Trust that you don’t need to be liked or understood by everyone and that even though confrontations can be unpleasant, you know who you are, where you stand and what you bring to the table.
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