9 Kinds of People You Need to Unfriend on Social Media – Right Now

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Leah Thomas
Leah Thomas866
May 30, 2024 at 1:45PM UTC

When you’re spending over two hours on social media each day, the content you’re seeing can greatly affect your overall mood. And there are certain types of social media presences that do more harm than good.

If someone’s posts are driving you absolutely insane, action must be taken to preserve your sanity. While you may not want to completely unfriend everyone you follow, you can always mute them so you don't see their posts anymore. Not sure where to start? We’ve outlined the nine types of people to remove from your social media feeds:

1. Pity party people

Everyone has the right to complain when they are going through a rough patch. But the person who is constantly complaining — and doing so on social media of all places — can bring you down with them. You may want to reach out if you truly feel this person needs help. But if you think they are just searching for attention, feel free to mute their complaints from your timeline.

2. Judgmental people

Each person has the right to live her life how she pleases. And no one needs to feel judged by others for doing so. If someone is constantly subtweeting your actions or blatantly commenting on your posts to condemn your choices, don’t be afraid to hit that unfriend button.

3. Preachy people

Social media should be fun and carefree. No one needs that one Facebooker who posts 500-word statuses lecturing her followers about any given subject. Eliminate all people whose posts make you feel like you’re back in grade school being lectured by your parents.

4. The over-sharer

We do not need to know that your child picked his nose, that you hit mad traffic, or that you had a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel for breakfast. This type of person floods your social media feed with unnecessary posts that you probably do not care about. If you want to make sure you only get the good stuff on your timeline, you know what to do. 

5. Braggy people

The person who constantly feels the need to alert others of their accomplishments is almost as bad as the person constantly complaining about his or her lack thereof. While you can be happy for others without comparing yourself to them, it can be hard at times – especially when their accomplishments are all you see while scrolling through Facebook.

6. People whose opinions or beliefs truly upset you

While it is always healthy to expose yourself to beliefs that are different from your own, it could potentially do more harm than good — particularly for your mental health. If your old classmate or neighbor is posting her political or personal beliefs that you find to be truly offensive, it is more than fine to simply mute this person from your feed.

8. Anyone you don’t talk to anymore

We should “spring clean” our social media feeds in the same way we "spring clean" our houses. Get rid of (or simply mute) anyone with whom you may have an iffy past — any ex-boyfriends or ex-bosses or ex-friends you've had a falling out with.

9. Anyone you don’t actually know

When social media was first popularized, it was fun to accumulate friends or followers and watch your numbers rise — a fascination that may have led to a few  friends you don’t actually know. While you’ll initially feel good simply decluttering your feed, you’ll also be making it safer for yourself. Only people you know and trust should have your personal information.

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