The Best Sunday Night Routine For a Successful Week, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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When the Sunday Scaries hit, they hit hard. Getting into a routine — such as a routine fitting for your zodiac sign — however, can help you beat 'em.
According to a LinkedIn survey, 80 percent of professionals experience bouts of anxiety that something about Sundays tends to exacerbate. The researchers surveyed more than 1,000 full-time, part-time and self-employed adults across the country, and they found that the Sunday Scaries are induced by a gamut of stressors: 60 percent of the respondents blamed their worries on their impending workloads, 44 percent reported being overwhelmed over professional and personal responsibilities, and 39 percent said they dwell on the tasks they didn't finish the week prior. More than one in three reported feeling dreadful every Sunday.
Cure the Sunday Scaries with a some Sunday rituals for your star sign.


Aries are among the most active of zodiac signs. They've incomparable organization capabilities, as they're able to move quickly and multitask. Inactivity and setbacks irk them more than most star signs, which means their biggest weaknesses include their impatience and, sometimes, aggressive behavior. Because of these characteristics, Aries may use their energy wisely on Sundays, engaging in competitive, physically challenging individual sports, which they tend to enjoy — such as boxing, weight lifting, cross fit and other workouts. After they've expended their energy, they can tap into their organization skills by unwinding before with an organized, prioritized to-do list for their week ahead.


Tauruses have an affinity for all things aesthetically pleasing. After all, they take a liking to high-quality fashion and good food. Perhaps that's because the ruler of Tauruses is Venus, the planet of attraction, beauty, love, gratitude and creativity. This means that Tauruses tend to be talented artists — whether they're gastronomic creatives in the kitchen, flower arrangement aficionados in the yard or natural-born stylists. A Taurus might, therefore, spend their Sunday cooking new recipes, gardening or shopping.


Geminis are characterized by their curious nature. They love learning, exchanging ideas and exploring, which is why they'll chat up just about anyone and everyone and, in the same vein, dislike feelings of loneliness and repetition/routine. Geminis are also ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents written communication.
As such, Geminis may enjoy spending their Sundays journaling, exploring new ideas (perhaps from new cafes or bookstores in new corners of town). If they're feeling lonely, they might consider Sunday afternoon writing meetups, in which they engage and share ideas with new people. After all, Geminis actually represent two different personalities: On one hand, they're sociable and expressive, while on the other hand, they're hyper introspective and serious. Participating in writing circles (and other creative circles) will allow them to tap into both sides.


Cancers are characteristically emotional, sensitive, loyal and sympathetic. Because of that, they tend to be close with their family and friends, about whom they care deeply. They're not super keen on engaging with strangers, so they tend to stick to their immediate social circle.
Cancers may express their heavy emotions through art and home-based hobbies. As such, Cancers may enjoy spending their Sundays at home with family, crafting or cooking and eating meals together.


Leos are creative, cheerful and humorous people who love having fun with friends, laughing and living their best lives. Favorite hobbies, for example, are often theater and comedy. Because they like to be the center of attention, they may enjoy going out with friends to try stand-up comedy or open mic nights on their Sunday evenings. After all, they have the dramatics, confidence and a healthy sense of wit to take the stage.


Virgos are analytical, detail-oriented, methodical, careful, practical and hardworking, which is largely why they tend to be overly critical of themselves and the all-work-and-no-play type. They may have a hard time accepting their feelings, such as their Sunday Scaries, as valid when opposed to reason — perhaps their rationale that stress won't help them succeed. It's difficult for Virgos to admit that their stress is acceptable — and perhaps even partially self-induced. Virgos may, therefore, benefit from Sunday reflection rituals.
It's easy for Virgos to set future goals — they live an organized and structured life that lends itself to their goals. But it's not so easy for Virgos to take a step back from worrying over the small details of their life to reflect on how far they've come already. Perhaps journaling (or meditating) on their successes thus far would be a healthy Sunday ritual in order to help them beat their inner critic. After all, Virgos, like Geminis, are ruled by Mercury — the planet of written communication.


Libras are the cooperative, diplomatic, fair-minded type who appreciate harmony, balance and symmetry— and dislike confrontation and injustice. Their biggest problem: In trying to always keep the peace, they tend to be massively indecisive.
Libras are at their best when they have a partner to mirror and balance one another out. As such, Libras may enjoy Sunday chats with a good friend or romantic partner with whom they can unpack the issues that matter to them. Engaging in such discussions is especially stimulating for them.


Scorpios appreciate the hard truths, the facts. They're the determined inquisitive type, and they'll research for as long as it takes them to unearth the truth. As such, Scorpios may enjoy a Sunday catching up on reading or the news. They'll prefer nonfiction books from which they can learn, and they won't settle for just one news source; rather, they'll read the same stories from several sources (because they're so serious about honesty, they tend to be suspicious and distrusting).


Sagittariuses tend to promise more than they can deliver, as they're idealistic, generous and open-minded people — and this includes promises to themselves, which is evident by their often over-ambitious to-do lists. They may benefit from a Sunday ritual of realistic planning for their week ahead, prioritizing their responsibilities. They may also benefit from traveling on the weekends, including Sundays, to tap into their open minds and explore.


Capricorns tend to be disciplined, self-controlled and responsible people. That's perhaps because their ruling planet is Saturn, which represents restrictions of all kinds. It'd make sense then for Capricorns to use their Sundays wisely (and, of course, responsibly!), making time to hit the gym, meal-prepping for the week ahead and running any errands (like dropping off the dry cleaning or grocery shopping). 


Aquariuses tend to run from emotional expression and evade loneliness. That's because, since Aquarius is an air sign, if they've no mental stimulations, they grow bored. As such, when they're faced with a debilitating case of the Sunday Scaries, they struggle to confront their anxieties and, instead, distract themselves with external stimulations, like friends and family.
Aquariuses would, therefore, benefit from spending time with friends and family on Sundays in order to get that dose of social interaction, but also allotting themselves solo time. This might mean having weekly Sunday dinners or potluck lunches where they catch up on witty banter, and then making time in the evenings to practice accepting and, ultimately, embracing their alone time. Instead of feeling loneliness, they'll eventually learn how to process their emotions (and Sunday Scaries) in a healthy way.


Perhaps a Pisces' most defining characteristic is their desire to escape reality, which is why they value their alone time in which they can engage in visual media like movies and show series. But while it's easy for a Pisces to spend their Sundays on a Netflix binge, they may actually benefit from surrounding themselves with others.
Pisces are intuitive, compassionate and empathetic by nature — and they're recognized as the most tolerant of all the zodiac signs, which is why they tend to get along with just about anyone. Because their ruling planet is Neptune, which is connected to music, Pisces may, therefore, enjoy a Sunday afternoon full of live music or jam circles with friends.

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