You Are More Resilient Than You Realize — Why a Career Change May Be in Your Future

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Jennifer Abt Beltramini. Photo courtesy of The Howard Hughes Corporation.

Jennifer Abt Beltramini. Photo courtesy of The Howard Hughes Corporation.

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Jennifer Abt Beltramini, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at The Howard Hughes Corporation, has experienced a few pivots throughout her career. Looking back, she shares how being open to change, though sometimes challenging and risky, can lead to incredible opportunities. 

“Early in my career, I was a single mother so I was less inclined to take risks that could impact my ability to provide for my daughter,” shares Beltramini. “However, what I have learned after taking those risks, is that they are not as scary as you might think. In fact, even roles that aren’t a long-term fit still are great learning experiences and prepare you for future opportunities. While we sometimes don’t have enough confidence in ourselves to adapt to change, we are all more resilient than we realize.”

To help you find the confidence to craft the career you want, Beltramini shares her three top pieces of career advice:

  1. “Seek out an individual you trust and respect to become your mentor.

  2. Push yourself to take on new challenges, and don’t be afraid to make a change in your career. It will only help you grow.  

  3. Know your value and be confident when asking to be compensated for it in salary and title.”

For a closer look into Beltramini’s own career journey, how career pivots have aided her in her current role, and why she loves working at The Howard Hughes Corporation, read on…

Exploring an exciting career journey full of pivots.

Beltramini began her career in the publishing industry at Glamour Magazine, before changing industries to work for the New York Jets. “There, I spent 10 years in the Corporate Partnerships department managing over 20 sponsors, including the cornerstone partners and other Fortune 500 companies,” Beltramini tells us. 

Next up was a position at Endeavor Global Marketing, in which Beltramini oversaw the strategy and execution of Visa’s NFL and Team sponsorships. During her time in this role, Beltramini wound up deciding that she wanted to pivot her career. “I was seeking an opportunity for career growth and a chance to guide and lead a team toward common goals,” Beltramini recalls. “Moreover, I was looking for a new challenge. I have learned that we grow the most when we push our boundaries and step outside our comfort zones.”

She found all of this and more at The Howard Hughes Corporation as their Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “This role not only presented me with a chance to tackle a whole new set of challenges, but it also allowed me to expand my skill set and diversify my work experience,” she says.

Of course, this leap was not without challenges. “One of the biggest adjustments for me in changing my career environment was realizing that I couldn’t solely rely on the industry knowledge that I had gained from working in sports for 12 years,” elaborates Beltramini. “Venturing into this new industry provided me an opportunity to learn, grapple with unique challenges, and grow professionally in ways I hadn't before. So, while the transition required an adjustment, the rewards in terms of personal and professional growth have been immense.”

An inside look at a Vice President of Strategic Partnerships role.

In the four years Beltramini has been in her current role, she has led a team that provides The Howard Hughes Corporation’s corporate sponsors with the opportunity to increase awareness, engage new and current customers, and drive revenue. She tells us that her work “is achieved through comprehensive and immersive programming, which includes entertainment and culinary experiences, on-site activations, and hospitality.”

This role requires Beltramini to remain agile and proactive in order to overcome the challenges associated with the dynamic nature of today’s market and the resulting fluid goals and budgets — which keeps her engaged. Beltramini also notes that one of the most rewarding aspects of the role is “collaborating with our partners on the strategic process, from understanding their key business objectives across a variety of diverse verticals, then devising and executing a plan to meet those objectives.”

Another perk of this position? Beltramini has managed to experience a great deal of growth as a leader and has been able to uplift others, too. “I've taken great pleasure in setting my team members up for success and playing an active part in their career development,” she shares. “This has not only provided me with a sense of accomplishment, but it has also taught me invaluable lessons about mentorship, leadership, and team dynamics. I've learned how to be a more effective communicator, a better listener, and, more importantly, how to inspire and motivate.”

Why you should make a career pivot to The Howard Hughes Corporation.

What’s the number one reason you should consider joining The Howard Hughes Corporation? According to Beltramini it is, without question, the people! “I feel blessed to be surrounded by a team of individuals who are not just smart and determined, but also deeply caring,” she says. “Those that know me know I love to laugh in every aspect of life, and work is no exception. I genuinely enjoy coming to work every day and that is in large part because of the friends I have made here. I truly believe that because we know and understand each other on a personal level, it allows us to be a stronger and more effective team.”

The Howard Hughes Corporation also provides a slew of benefits to support employees’ full selves. For example, “at work, our culture champions work-life balance,” states Beltramini. “We have hybrid work schedules and mental health programs to support this. The mentality in my office encouraged by our co-presidents really is family first.” And this is just one of the many ways that the company empowers employees — making it an ideal place to make your next career leap!

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