The Jumpsuit Meghan Markle Wore for British Vogue is only $120 — And You Can Totally Wear it to Work

Genevieve719. CC BY 2.0

Meghan Markle. Genevieve719. CC BY 2.0

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As everyone’s told you by now, Meghan Markle recently tacked another job to her resume: guest editor of British Vogue. And she wore an amazing outfit to “work” that’s cheap enough for the peasantry to buy —  just another reason to bow down.

People reported that Markle hit her Vogue photo shoot donning a “timeless, wide-legged” jumpsuit from Everlane that’s totally work appropriate. The brand confirmed the ‘fit, and shared that she was wearing their “Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit.” The best part? It’s only $120 — for a full outfit! That’s really reasonable for a duchess who’s often spotted wearing Givenchy.

If this outfit is good enough for royalty, it’s definitely good enough for your next interviewer or coffee date. And, I mean, wearing it would definitely make for some great water cooler conversation. After all, the FGB community has voted that jumpsuits are the professional woman's latest BFF. And they're even considered a top outfit for the famed office-to-bar transition.  

It looks like I’ll be picking one up A.S.A.P.  I could really use the fashion upgrade (I'm currently dressed like a dad on his way to a crab shack), and there's truly no one better to take the hint from than Meghan Markle. Plus, there's nothing more enjoyable than the spur-of-the-moment online purchase. Just ask Jeff Bezos and his billions. 

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