10 Qualities The Most Authentic People Have in Common

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Leah Thomas866
June 12, 2024 at 9:29PM UTC

Many Americans have lost their authenticity and have become followers, chasing status and wealth. And followers are overly competitive, seeking only to “win” and beat one another due to their insecurities, according to psychologist Sherrie Campbell.

Campbell wants to help bring society back to successful authenticity.

“The stand-out successes we all admire are not in the crowd, they aren’t chasing cash, or being cool. It doesn’t mean they don’t love nice things or indulge in them; it means they approach success from a different mindset," she wrote in Entrepreneur. 

The psychologist has outlined the 10 qualities of authentic people, in order to help Americans become their true authentic selves.

1. They're self-reflective.

“To be authentic, unique and individual you have to know who and what you are, which comes through self-reflection. How can you know who you are if you are following everyone else?” Campbell said.

Self-reflection can help with anxiety and focus. You become calmer, and you are less worried about what other people may be doing because you are only concerned with yourself.

2. They have a healthy ego.

“There is nothing deep about being superficially better than others or having more success or money because all of that ‘status’ is temporary and subjective,” according to Campbell.

In order to be a successful leader of others, you must do so with courage and empathy. You must be confident enough in yourself and your abilities to consider others’ feelings.

3. They focus on possibilities.

“When you live authentically you have no time to waste emotion on temporary and sometimes necessary setbacks,” said Campbell.

An authentic person is consistently focused on what hard work will bring him/her in the long-term. 

4. They have good character.

“This means you do not say things you do not mean, promises are not made you cannot keep and you stay in a place of integrity in all of your dealings, in and out of work,” she wrote.

You are able to gain the trust of others because of these aforementioned qualities. You are consistent and reliable, and people admire you for that.

5. They're visionaries.

“Because you are deeply connected to yourself, you are open and more innovative. You have been visionary in the creating of yourself and this allows you to bring that skill into all aspects of your life, especially business," Campbell said.

You also help others to realize their goals and their potential, and you push both yourself and others to reach those. 

6. They're listeners.

“You are more than willing to consider contradictory ideas with an open mind and change your opinion if the argument makes sense," the psychologist wrote.

You are genuinely interested in learning, and you are dedicated to discovering the truth.

7. They're transparent.

“Open communication is woven into the fabric of your authenticity. You never leave anyone guessing or hurting because you’re transparent," she said.

Followers are not honest with themselves or others. They are defensive and sensitive to criticism, unlike those who are their authentic selves.

8. They're open and consistent.

“You do not hold judgmental attitudes towards others. As you evaluate the thoughts and opinions others hold, even those you do not agree with, you still place them under an umbrella of respect," said Campbell.

You are true to who you are and the principles you hold and do not require another person’s approval to feel good about yourself.

9. They're team-oriented.

“You build successful teams and give credit where it is due, sharing your success and achievements with your entire team," according to Campbell.

You are constantly adapting and are not afraid of change. You want your team to be as successful as you are, and you will not be jealous of that.

10. They draw upon experience.

“You can draw upon experience to work wisely through each new challenge you face on your road to success, making you more confident that you will be able to handle whatever hardships your future holds," the psychologist wrote.

You have learned through your own life and improved yourself in thoughtful ways.

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