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If you read the testimonies of most working moms, two things become abundantly clear. First, community matters in building a balance between career and motherhood and finding your way through the unique challenges of working parenthood. But also, finding that community can be hard. Between working, changing diapers and doing the things that make you feel like you, when are you supposed to source friends who are also working mothers? And where is all of this supposed to happen? 
These are common questions asked amongst mothers, according to coach and the Working Mother's Mentor podcast host Julie Finn, founder of Bold and Balanced Working Moms. This FGB group was made to provide the robust resources and community working mothers need to be balanced and bold in their careers — something she feels other programs for moms don't focus on. 
"Traditional work-life balance strategies focus on time management hacks and, often, learning how to play small," she said. " I help high-achieving women as they play big and make bold move."

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Who are you? 
I’m a business and executive coach, leadership expert and host of the Working Mother’s Mentor podcast.  I’m on a mission to inspire, engage and equip ambitious women to excel as leaders without burning out.  I’m the mom of three awesome kids, a wife and a dog mom to our Boykin Spaniel, Dee Dee.
What inspired you to start this group? 
After getting my BA and MBA from Stanford, a Master's from Oxford and working in some of the world’s leading companies, I found that the intersection of career and motherhood felt like new territory that my degrees and work-experience didn’t create a roadmap for.  When I couldn’t find the robust, personalized resources I needed, I decided to create them to help other women.  What I’ve found in my nearly 10 years working as a coach and in the over 75 interviews I’ve conducted with executives, change-makers, and other leaders for the Working Mother’s Mentor podcast, is that traditional work-life balance strategies focus on time management hacks and, often, learning how to play small.  But I want women to be equipped to be both bold and balanced. I help high-achieving women as they play big and make bold moves, while also cultivating work-life balance.
Who is this group best suited for?
The Bold and Balanced Working Moms Group is for women who want to rock their careers or grow profitable businesses without having to sacrifice their well-being and family life. The group is a safe space where we share strategies, tools, best-practices and advice.  We are creating a supportive community for women leaders who want to talk about the challenges, mom guilt, dropped balls, frayed relationships and utter exhaustion that often come with being a working mom.
Is there an IRL (in real life) version of your group?
There is an IRL version of the Bold and Balanced Working Moms group — kind of.  For women who want to go deeper in crafting a balanced life on the own terms, I have a virtual small-group program where women come to get equipped, refreshed and supported.  New cohorts start regularly and it’s a great way for women going through the same challenges to access expert advice, a sounding board and a community.
What part of FGB Groups are you most excited about?
I’m thrilled to be leading the Bold and Balanced Working Moms Group on Fairygodboss.  I think the Fairygodboss Groups create a unique opportunity for working women to connect with others leaders on a similar journey.
If you could get one celebrity to join your group, who would it be and why? 
Oh, I'm not sure I can pick just one.  I would be beyond excited and honored to have Michelle Obama, Arianna Huffington, Serena Williams and Reese Witherspoon in the Bold and Balanced Working Moms Group (and on my podcast!). 
If you could describe the vibe of your group in three words or less, what would the words be?
Brave, equipped  and whole.
How can the FGB community get involved with your group? 
I welcome all women — no matter where you are on your career or family journey — to join us. Working moms are  artists and creators. They have businesses or corporate jobs. Some may focus primarily on care-giving responsibilities.  Working moms have kids, but they also can have pets or aging parents and friends or family with medical challenges, or all of the above and then some.  Any ambitious woman who wants to lead with purpose and show up in her life, career and business on her own terms should join us!

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