The Only Job in America Where Women Get Paid More Than Men

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Una Dabiero
Una Dabiero
We all know there's a huge wage parity issue in the United States. According to a recent report by the American Associate of University Women (AAUW), full-time working women are paid an estimated $513 billion less than men every year. Overall, women are typically paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men. But this gap is even larger for some. The average Latina woman makes only 54 cents to every dollar paid to a man. 

However, there is one job in the U.S. that pays women more than men. 

The aforementioned AAUW  study found that women wholesale and retail buyers — who buy merchandise for a company to resell  — are paid more than their male counterparts. Bonus: that job seems really fun. 

But this news might not be as rosy as we think it is.

The median salary of a wholesale and retail buyer is only $53,000, and that probably pays a large role in pay equity. Generally, lower paying jobs pay men and women more equally because minimum wage laws dictate a uniform pay floor. Other low paying occupations, like food preparation and service, see similar pay equity. 

According to the study, the pay gap gets even more staggering as salaries gets higher.

 For example, female financial managers make just 65% of what men make. The AAUW suggests there are similar gaps for physicians and surgeons. A large contributing factor to the large pay gap in finances and STEM? Women are often pushed to specialize in less lucrative subsections of a field. For instance, women doctors may feel more incentivized to enter pediatrics while male doctors may feel pushed to specialize in surgery. 
Ultimately, I'm not sure that we need to be pushing for women to make more than men. But equity in all jobs? That's a good place to start.

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