The Work From Home Advice You Desperately Need, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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One of the best parts of working from home is the flexibility it allows. You can work in your pajamas, you can eat pancakes at 3 PM and you can even listen to Mariah Carey, out loud, at full blast (assuming whoever lives with you is fine with that).  But all that flexibility can come at a cost: you're the boss of your schedule and that means you're the only one who knows how to improve it. That is, unless the stars know.
Every member of the zodiac has their strengths and weaknesses. What do the stars think you can improve on when you work from home? Keep reading to find out. 

Aquarius: Being remote doesn't have to mean being alone. 

Aquarius are independent in mind, but not necessarily in spirit. If you're an Aquarius, you thrive on conversations with others, explaining your ideas and defending your opinions. Being remote doesn't have to mean missing out on water cooler banter or building connections. Every day, share an article you enjoyed reading, ask to start a new Slack channel or find a new way to expand your professional network. For your every day success, professional relationships should be a priority. 

Pisces: Being deliberate in your online communication can go a long way.

Pisces are incredibly wise and intuitive, but they can also be gentle or "go with the flow" to give their ideas the proper platform. Being remote can only amplify this struggle — suddenly, speaking up or sharing your ideas means deliberately typing out a long message or responding to a thread full of people. That can be too much for a Pisces; they may have a hard time justifying the mental or emotional labor, considering their belief things will always turn out OK. However, being deliberate about sharing your ideas and directionals rather than letting others figure it out is even more important when you're far away from the people who are helping you make decisions. A little bit of intention can go a long way; we promise your ideas can steer the boat in the right direction. 

Aries: Always give yourself five minutes before sending that Slack message or email. 

Aries are decisive and quick-minded, but they can also be defensive or moody. When you're working remote and communication goes digital, it can be hard to discern the subtext of what your colleague or point of contact is saying. Instead of responding right away to a "per my last email," give your (admirably) fiery emotions a second to breathe. 

Taurus: Buying something else for your workspace won't make you more productive.

Taurus, you like the finer things in life. But no matter what the beautiful Instagram ads say, buying another ergonomic piece of furniture or a beautiful pencil holder isn't going to make you a better professional. Thankfully, you've got the strong will and intellect to make it happen for free, if you'll only stop projecting onto your physical comfort. 

Gemini: Making time for things you love is the key to success. 

Gemini, you are a lover of life. You have so many passions that it's hard to keep them all straight. Whether or not your career is one of those well-loved projects, making time throughout your day to do something you love, like listen to a great song or sneak in a novel, will lift your spirits and preserve your inspired attitude. 

Cancer: Comparison is the thief of joy — especially when you can't see your competition.

Working from home can be hard for Cancer, who's loyal and sentimental nature lives for daily interactions with people. It can also be hard for Cancer because they have the tendency to feed off others energy and make decisions based on the energy of the room, something that's inherently lacking in a remote working situation, and because they can be incredibly hard on themselves about how others see them. Cancer, we promise you're working as hard as your colleagues, and comparing yourself to people who's efforts can't be seen is a recipe for disaster. Measure yourself based on what you get done and what you're proud of, not based on assumptions of your team's best conceivable behavior. 

Leo: Asking for confirmation is OK. 

Leo, you feel best when others acknowledge a job well done. You like to feel on task and in control — and that's not a bad thing! It is OK to reach out to whoever you're delivering a project to to ask for feedback, to share your completed project with your teammates, or to make sure all your boxes are checked. In fact, it helps you align with the goals and accomplishments of everyone else. That's a win-win.

Virgo: Being hard on yourself doesn't make you less likely to get distracted. 

Virgos are marked by their analytical nature. Unfortunately, this analysis often lands on themselves. Virgo, punishing yourself for getting off task won't make you more productive in the future. In fact, it will just send you into a self-hatred spiral. Instead, give your brain a creativity break every once and a while — even if it's unplanned. 

Libra: You need to stick to your to-do list. 

One of the greatest strengths of Libras are their flexibility — and one of their greatest weaknesses is structure. Without the rigidity of a workspace or a team peering over at your laptop computer, it can be difficult for Libra to stay focused and get through tasks in the order they had hoped. Set a to-do list with a schedule attached and stick with it. Then, reward yourself with an unscheduled break or fun evening. 

Scorpio: Make sure you take the time to connect your everyday work to the big picture. 

Scorpios are incredibly passionate and they feel the most productive and proud when their work is tied to a greater purpose. Take time at the beginning or end of your day to tie what you crossed off your to-do list to this grand project or end goal, then set your intentions for the time ahead. This can be grounding and keep you from feeling like you're floating through the days of working from home. 

Sagittarius: Making a slight change to your environment every day can bring a lot of ease. 

Sagittarius are naturally adventurous, so feeling cooped up indoors during the workday can translate to a lot of stress for your strain of fire sign. Set your mind at ease by making subtle changes to your workspace everyday. Try opening a window, playing some ambient coffeehouse sounds in the background or rearrange your furniture. 

Capricorn: Burn out can happen even when you're working from home.  

So, stop working around the clock! You are an incredibly disciplined person; instead of using that discipline to work 24/7, use it to draw a clear boundary between the personal and professional. 

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