These 16 Companies Are Hiring A Ton In March


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Need some inspiration for your job search? These 16 companies are hiring a LOT this month — and the women who work there have some pretty exceptional things to say about them, according to reviews they left on Fairygodboss. See what they have to say.

1. Fidelity Investments

"I've worked here for 5 years and never run into any issues when it comes to equal treatment. Several executive leadership roles are held by women and the company culture is very welcoming to everyone."

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2. OnDeck

"Intense, passionate, great culture, growth, data, awesome maternity leave policy, smart people."

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3. GE

"GE treats everyone fair and as an equal. Great opportunity to grow with the company."

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4. PwC

"It is a great company for women who are looking to grow in their careers. The firm is committed to an inclusive work environment and are continuing to help break the glass ceiling for women in leadership."

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5. Johnson & Johnson

"This is a great place to be. Women raise other women up."

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6. Time Inc.

"Time Inc. has a Women @ Time Inc. program to help provide a safe space for women at work & to help elevate them in their careers. They offer programming led by inspirational women."

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7. Accenture

"Great place to work for every women. Certainly consider this great employer."

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8. Apple

"I worked here for a year. The retail environment was the closest thing to a Utopia I have ever experienced. Fairness and equality for all seems to actually be happening here!! Much love!"

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9. Dow Jones

"Go for it, it's a great place to work for a woman (or man for that matter!)."

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10. Target

"This is a great place for working mothers and advancement opportunities." 

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11. Salesforce

"It's a great place to work and very supportive of women's equality."

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12. Dell

"Dell is very focused on being a diverse employer for the right reasons — encouraging different perspectives. It is a very supportive environment for women, and flexible work is facilitated and encouraged."

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13. PepsiCo

"PepsiCo is a wonderful place to be, things are always changing and people are always moving."

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