These Morning Hacks Will Turn You Into An Early Bird

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May 23, 2024 at 6:53AM UTC
Another day, another morning of repeatedly snoozing the alarm on your phone until the last possible moment (and we do mean the last). By the time your fifth and really-truly-final-this-is-it alarm has sounded, all those minutes you’d intended to use to prep for the day have melted away in your snoozy state, and you’re now forced to rush out the door.
Doesn’t exactly sound like the best way to set your day up for success, now does it? We know that people who wake up early tend to be more productive, and they report feeling happier, too. But how does one actually become an early bird?
If you’re having trouble getting going in the morning, incorporating a few of these morning hacks could make all the difference.
1. Get mini-pep talks on your phone.
Starting your day may feel a whole lot less daunting if you sign up for free, inspirational text messages sent to your phone each morning by the folks at Shine Text. We love that they erase the need to groggily scroll through Instagram, seeking out that perfect motivational quote. Instead, inspiration is curated for you, enabling you to get your freshly inspired butt out of bed that much faster.
2. Invest in a second alarm clock.
Use your phone for the first alarm (and the ensuing pep talk!). The second alarm should be set for about 10 minutes later and stationed somewhere across the room — i.e., where you have to actually walk to go get it.
3. Wake up with the sun — even if you aren’t literally.
Another game-changing investment? A sun lamp or dawn simulator. Most of us office workers could use some more sunlight in our lives, and the technology behind this form of light therapy accomplishes just that, making you feel more energized and motivated. An added bonus? Sun lamps are a great way of combating Seasonal Affective Disorder.
4. If you’re a coffee drinker, opt for a coffee pot with an automatic brew timer.
It sounds fancy, but an automatic coffee pot doesn’t have to be expensive to be totally transformational. (#ProTip: If you enjoy the speed of a Keurig-type machine, that’s all well and good. Just make sure you’re using eco-friendly coffee pods, please!)
5. Eat breakfast, and make it count.
This includes a big glass of cold water when you first wake up; oftentimes we become dehydrated during sleep, which can contribute to feeling foggy. As far as food goes, protein and fiber are essential. Keep a few hard-boiled eggs in your fridge, and make oatmeal your new best morning friend.
6. Establish a morning routine that you don’t want to sleep through.
Early mornings will feel a lot easier if snoozing through your alarm means missing out on something you truly enjoy. Create a morning routine that brings you a sense of peace — be it going for a run, reading the news for a few quiet minutes before the kids are up, or watching the sunrise — and mornings will become something to look forward to.
7. Use bath products designed to perk you up.
Aromatherapy is a gentle and totally natural way of waking up. Face washes or soaps with a citrusy or minty scent can work wonders!
8. Prepare the night before.
We know, we know — technically these are nighttime hacks, but a crucial part of having a successful morning is advanced preparation. If you’re planning to bring your lunch to work or need to make lunches for your kids, do that the night before. Not sure what you want to wear the next day? Figure it out (and set it out) before bed. Can’t remember where you set your car keys or wallet? Track them down — you guessed it — before calling it a night.
Another hack you could try is using a to-do list app to write out the following day’s actionable items before bed. You’ll wake up feeling more organized, more intentional, and less scattered.
9. Write out an intention for your day, and leave it somewhere you can easily see.
It sounds overly simple, but a brightly colored post-it note spelling out exactly why you wanted to wake up early is an easy and effective way of jumpstarting your day. Are you up because you’re determined to get that promotion, or because boosting your wellness by exercising before work is important to you? Don’t let yourself lose sight of your end goal with snoozy mornings.

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