5 Things Successful People Do at Work Each Week Before the End of Tuesday



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May 22, 2024 at 5:25AM UTC
Ever wonder how successful people kick off the beginning of their weeks? Mondays are inevitably full of clearing out the inbox in which they're likely already drowning — digging themselves out of last week's leftovers in order to get going on the week ahead. And that's why Tuesdays are a truer start to the week.
What you do on Tuesday will affect the rest of your week, for better or worse. Here's what objectively successful people do on Tuesdays in order to make sure that they're impacting their week ahead for the better.

1. They meditate before work.

A wealth of research suggests that meditation has innumerable health benefits, like relieving stress that can manifest both mentally and physically. Besides relieving the stresses that may arise after Monday (read: a flooded inbox and countless calendar invites for meetings to talk about more meetings), meditation can also help you to get organized. That's because, through meditation, you can explore your thoughts in a constructive, intentional way. And, of course, getting organized before diving into a new week's worth of work is hugely important.

2. They eat a healthy, energizing breakfast.

Successful people understand that breakfast is an important meal — and eating a healthy, energizing breakfast can be the difference between crossing one thing off the to-do list or crossing several things off the to-do list. In other words, successful people are oftentimes (not always!) morning people who, at the very least, make the time to sit down and eat a fueling meal.

3. They make any necessary revisions to their already prioritized to-do list.

Successful people are those who make to-do lists on Friday for the week ahead. That said, when they get to the office on Monday morning (to that flooded inbox and influx of calendar invites), they need to be ready and adaptable to change. Chances are that they're going to have to shift their schedule around, at least a bit. Making a to-do list, of course, helps you put your week ahead in perspective and manage your time more wisely — but Tuesdays are likely when you'll have to sit down and revisit  (and potentially reorganize) your priorities for the week.

4. They hole themselves up to put their heads down and get to it.

Because Mondays usually involve a lot of catching up, Tuesdays should involve a lot of productive hours. Successful people know how to turn off from the office mayhem for at least a few hours in order to spend time alone actually getting their work done. This may mean locking themselves up in their offices and actually shutting their doors, or it may just mean keeping Tuesdays closed off to meetings so they can put their heads down for a few hours of solid work.

5. They tackle the week's biggest priority.

Successful people are adept at prioritizing their tasks, and they know that getting the biggest one out of the way early makes the rest of the week a whole lot easier. They also understand that bigger responsibilities may require more time, so they get started tackling those tasks first in case the work needs to carry over throughout the week. They're not necessarily working harder than others in the office; rather, they're working smarter.

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AnnaMarie Houlis is a feminist, a freelance journalist and an adventure aficionado with an affinity for impulsive solo travel. She spends her days writing about women’s empowerment from around the world. You can follow her work on her blog, HerReport.org, and follow her journeys on Instagram @her_report, Twitter @herreportand Facebook.

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