Renata's Iconic 'Big Little Lies' Finale Scene is Every Woman in 2019 — And Twitter Took Note

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For fans of “Big Little Lies,” the end to the series’ second (and possibly final) season on Sunday night was bittersweet. We’ll miss our weekly pensive-wave-watching sessions with the Monterey Five and all the opportunities Meryl Streep’s Mary Louise afforded us to (figuratively, let’s hope) spit at our screens. But one thing fans can collectively carry with them from the 14 episodes we were given? The Rage of Renata as a major mood for the rest of 2019. 

We already knew that Renata Klein, played by Laura Dern, was the "BLL" queen we didn’t deserve. Let’s review the evidence.

1. She rocks a hot pink lamé power suit like it's her job.

2. But her actual job, of course, is running her own empire (which she *may* remind you of, once or twice).

3. She protects the people she loves.

4. She's not here for your judgement.

5. She knows what she wants. 

In short, the reasons to stan Renata were already plentiful. But with the finalé, our appreciation was forever elevated to full-on icon status following a standoff with her (bankrupting, deadbeat, unfaithful) husband that'll go down in TV and maybe also baseball history.

Renata taking a baseball bat to men's B.S. in the form of her husband's toy train set was more than the indisputable highlight of BLL Season 2. 

It was the Sparknotes version of women's 2019 mood, which plenty of Twitter users pointed out.

Really, it was art.

It was freedom.

And it was definitely grounds for a Renata-specific series spinoff.

We'll be waiting, HBO.

And perfecting our Renata-rage looks in the meantime.


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