This Company is Offering a One-of-a-Kind Career Opportunity — Here’s What You Need to Know

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Photo Courtesy of BNSF Logistics.

Photo Courtesy of BNSF Logistics.

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May 22, 2024 at 2:44AM UTC

What if you were told there was an unanticipated career opportunity out there — one that requires the daily use of your imagination and problem-solving skills, never allowing for a boring day. 

That’s very much the spirit of working at BNSF Logistics, a technology and people-driven third-party logistics company that boasts not only innovative, interesting work for its associates, but a series of benefits and diversity initiatives that ensures anyone can meet their full potential. 

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If you’ve never heard of BNSF Logistics, it’s about time you discover why women consider this growing company an excellent place to work. We spoke to representatives of the company itself to find out what makes BNSF Logistics a particularly exciting and beneficial place to work. Here’s what they had to say. 

What is the mission of BNSF Logistics? 

The purpose of BNSF Logistics is “We Deliver What Matters.”

What are its core values? 

Our Guiding Principles are:  

  • We protect the well-being of ourselves and others,

  • We drive innovation and embrace transformation,

  • We respect and serve everyone,

  • We keep our commitments,

  • We foster a collaborative and inclusive community,

  • We celebrate and enjoy the journey!

What differentiates the organization from others in this space/industry?  

BNSF Logistics is a technology and people-driven third-party logistics company that delivers what matters – to our people, our customers, our carriers and our communities. We are a growing company that dares to embrace imagination and combine it with deep experience and technology to provide smart, creative supply chain solutions that align with our customers’ business needs and bring efficient, on-time and measurable results to their bottom line. 

A subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, a Berkshire Hathaway company, BNSF Logistics specializes in movement of freight around the globe, leveraging uncommon service scope, resources and financial depth. The company operates more than 25 offices throughout North America and has a network of Global Service Providers (GSPs) that have completed required due diligence and certified their understanding and willingness to comply with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions across all modes, including: transportation execution, over the road, rail, intermodal, heavy haul/over-dimensional, air, ocean, managed transportation, supply chain consulting, project management, engineering services, reverse logistics, warehousing/cross-docking and custom house brokerage.

When you see things the same way you’ve always seen them — when you cling to convention — logistics can seem like a pretty confusing place. In a time when the supply chain is under more pressure than ever to perform, logistics as usual is the last thing shippers need. Commerce is moving too fast and furious. It’s often erratic and unpredictable. And woe to the company unprepared to deal with the chaos of it all. What’s required is smart, creative thinking. When you dare to embrace imagination and combine it with deep experience and technology, new possibilities suddenly present themselves. There’s an unanticipated opportunity here; an unforeseen obstacle avoided there. All of it invisible to the unimaginative, yet brimming with solutions when you're able to connect the dots that have never been connected. Expanding what's possible, above all expectations. This is the promise and power of BNSF Logistics.

Describe 1-5 employee benefits that positively impact women who work here. 

  1. Healthcare: Healthcare medical plans are High Deductible Health Plans and the company contributes a certain amount to employees’ Health Savings Account every year. The company offers Dental PPO Aetna plan and DMO to those that qualify, based on their zip code. The company offers vision coverage through EyeMed. Telemedicine is available to employees and the option of a Health Care Flexible Spending Account is also offered.

  1. Tuition Reimbursement: Full-time employees are eligible after 6 months of service. The company will provide financial assistance to employees who pursue job-related degree programs and job-related individual courses at accredited educational institutions.

  1. Volunteer Paid Time Off: Employees receive 16 hours annually to participate in community service.

  1. Wellness: Voluntary and confidential resources are available for a variety of personal health topics.

  1. Employee Assistance Program (EAP): EAP counselors provide confidential assessments and referrals to professional community resources for personal and work-related problems.

What career development opportunities can female job seekers expect from this organization? How is career pathing approached? 

Our Women in Leadership program (WIL) is designed with the purpose of cultivating an inclusive atmosphere to encourage, empower and connect the women of BNSF Logistics. WIL is targeted to meet the unique needs of women in the workplace and will provide a strategic forum for mentorship, networking and professional growth. Each year, the program will include guest speakers, cross-company mentoring, community projects and career guidance from our senior leadership team and executives from other organizations.  

Why should women want to grow their careers here? 

At BNSF Logistics, our employees are our greatest assets. Our day-to-day success is made possible because our employees are passionate about what they do and following our purpose of delivering what matters. 

BNSF Logistics is focused on finding new paths forward and solutions to the world's most complex problems. We are many people, brought together by our love of the job with unique perspectives, strengths, weaknesses and ambitions. And that's what makes us who we are. Whether you're a recent college graduate or have several years of experience, we're looking for the best talent to join our family. BNSF Logistics is a growing organization transforming for tomorrow. We are making investments in our people and technology to position ourselves for the ever-changing world we live in. 


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