This Company Went Viral For Tweeting Their Benefits — It's Past Time For Others To Follow Suit

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April 12, 2024 at 11:51PM UTC

Earlier this month, The 19th News — an “independent, nonprofit newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy” — went viral on Twitter, not for a funny meme or witty quote, but instead, their job postings.

The news organization is hiring and included the position’s salary, location, application deadline and a screenshot of all of their benefits in their Twitter job postings.

@eramshaw via Twitter
@eramshaw via Twitter

The organization’s job postings have received hundreds of favorites, quote tweets and retweets. It’s not surprising why — people not only value their transparency but also admire benefits that truly work to help employees thrive both in and outside of work. 

Even without looking at The 19th News’ mission, work or company culture, you can understand just from their job posting that they value their employees.

That’s why a job posting should be so much more than just a description of what the role is. It’s also a chance for employers to show job seekers what their company culture and values are before they decide to apply.

If a company offers ample vacation, sick and mental health time, this shows that they not only want their employees to take time off, but that they actively encourage them to. They want their workforce to be rested and have full lives outside of work. 

Paid family and caregiver leave may attract parents and caregivers to apply; the right benefits will also make them feel adequately supported to take time to care for their children and family. 

A work from home stipend shows that a company really trusts their employees to get work done wherever they are — and that they want their employees to feel comfortable doing so. 

Professional development opportunities mean that an employer cares about your long-term skills and career. They want you to leave the company better than you found it.

Job descriptions aren’t just about attracting employees to apply with shiny, fancy lingo. They’re reflective of a company’s culture and values. If employers want to set themselves apart in a job seeker’s market, they need to step up their game and show potential employees all they have to offer. 


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