This Company’s Truly Committed to ‘Making Work Life Better’ — Here’s What That Means For Women

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Photo Courtesy of Ceridian.

Photo Courtesy of Ceridian.

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June 23, 2024 at 11:54AM UTC
What sets Ceridian apart from other leading software companies? Their core values (which were created based entirely on employee feedback), comprehensive diversity and inclusion initiatives, a people centric approach to their culture and some pretty incredible work-life balance programs, for starters.

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Take the review one female employee left on Fairygodboss: “Ceridian is a great place for women and in particular working mothers to work. Not only are there numerous women in leadership at Ceridian, but the organization promotes, lives and breathes flexibility, allowing me to meet home and work obligations and feel successful at both.”
Another woman who’s worked at Ceridian for 13 years spoke to how entrenched the culture of equity and respect was. “I’ve experienced fair and equal treatment in all of my roles,” she wrote in her review. “The leadership team is committed to the success of our people. They act progressively, consistently challenging employees to move the dial, be innovative and support diverse perspectives.”
What else should women know about building careers here? We’ve answered all your biggest questions below.
What is the mission of the company? 
Ceridian is on a mission to deliver on its brand promise: “Makes Work Life Better”. Dayforce, its flagship cloud HCM platform, helps organizations of all sizes — from small businesses to global corporations — manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding, to paying people and developing their careers.
What are Ceridian’s core values? 
The leadership team at Ceridian works tirelessly to promote the company culture and deliver on its brand promise through “Our Way”. “Our Way” is the set of values that guide the company and are based entirely on employee feedback. They have served as a roadmap for the company’s customer success stories and how employees live values in their daily lives, including:
Customer Focus: Listening to customers with empathy and care, delivering employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity to their customers, and celebrating success as a team.
Transparency: A demonstrated openness in communication and the way things are done, as well as integrity and accountability as the driving force of all behavior.
Diligence: Preparation and planning is key. This includes establishing goals and standards, and measuring success against them. 
Optimism: Planned behavior that leads to success begins with preparation. Preparation leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to confidence and confidence creates success. 
Agility: Flexibility and innovativeness means confronting all challenges with enthusiasm and encouraging change to achieve success. 
Describe some of the employee benefits that positively impact women who work here. 
1. Flexible Time Away Program: Ceridian encourages all people to take the time they need to refresh and recharge in a way that works for them. Its flexible Time Away From Work program provides employees with an unrestricted amount of paid days off from work. Employees simply request time off using the Dayforce platform and receive approval from their leader if there are no business conflicts. 
2. Workplace flexibility: Employees at Ceridian are inspired to bring their best selves to work each day. Its flexible workplace is key to creating — and maintaining — this optimal balance. Ceridian also offers various programs and benefits including flexible work arrangements, sick leave for employees to take care of themselves or their family members, a volunteer day, family and medical leave, bereavement leave, jury-witness leave, military training leave and personal leaves of absence. 
3. Acceptance and inclusion: YOUnity, Ceridian’s Acceptance and Inclusion program, is committed to building an inclusive environment where every employee and customer is valued, respected and supported. YOUnity groups include: CeridianPRIDE, Ceridian Black Employee Network, Ceridian Women’s Network, Ceridian Hispanic & Latino Network, disABILITY@Ceridian and the Ceridian Veteran & Military Network. These groups celebrate awareness days and cultural events and host events throughout the year which all employees are invited to attend. Some of these events include PRIDE month festivities, a live International Women’s Day event, and more!
4. Live Well, Work Well: Ceridian has exceptional employees, so they’ve made it their goal to provide them with great resources that support their well-being. Live Well, Work Well was created to help people live a healthier and happier life, no matter how they define wellness. This philosophy is followed through by diverse resources across the locations including onsite gyms, balance ball chairs and standing desks. Larger Ceridian offices even have game rooms employees can network in. 
5. Parental leave: Ceridian ensures all employees can enjoy a rich personal life with the Parental Leave program. The program is designed to support all caregivers, whether they become a new parent by birth, adoption or the foster care system. Primary caregivers are provided with 100% of their base salary for up to a total of 14 consecutive weeks after the birth or adoption of a child, and secondary caregivers also receive 100% of their base salary for up to two consecutive weeks after the birth, adoption or foster care placement of a child. The company also recently revamped their parent’s rooms in 2018 with comfortable, spacious seating, refrigerators for storing milk and an intentionally relaxing atmosphere. 
What career development opportunities can female job seekers expect from Ceridian? How is career pathing approached? 
Ceridian supports career advancement at the company so all employees can occupy a role that best leverages their potential. Whether employees are looking to stay engaged and passionate in their current role, are looking to advance to a new role or simply want to explore the variety of opportunities available to them, Ceridian is committed to helping people navigate their career journey. It firmly believes that enabling employees to actively manage their careers can significantly contribute to job satisfaction and personal success. 
In Spring 2019, Ceridian launched their new Career Development Program which introduced four new career tracks for learning and growing at the company. The tracks include Technical/Professional, Engage, Explore and Leadership, and offer employees tips and training to grow their careers at Ceridian.
What should women know about pursuing a career here? 
Ceridian is an award-winning organization, known for their innovative products, dedicated people and exceptional company culture. The positive workplace experience is demonstrated by their strong engagement and leadership effectiveness scores, and their employees are supported by leaders, creating an environment for business success.
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