This ‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Breastfeeding in Literal Armor Is the Best Pic You’ll See All Week

Gemma Whelan


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May 21, 2024 at 7:57PM UTC

Spoilers for Season 8 of "Games of Thrones" ahead.

If there’s anything Season 8 of “Game of Thrones” has shown us thus far, it’s that the ladies of the Seven Kingdoms are the ones, at the end of the day, getting the job done. From THAT Arya moment in “The Long Night” to Lady Mormont’s last stand to the delicious fact it’s Cersei, and not the Night King, who remains the show’s last villain standing, the dudes of Westeros have pretty much been demoted to intern status at this point. 

With all the female-forward badassery the show is giving us, it’s fitting that one of its on-screen heroines would be keeping this energy going behind the scenes, as well. Gemma Whelan, who plays warrior-queen Yara Greyjoy, shared on Sunday (April 28th) some pictorial proof that “GoT” gals can both battle and breastfeed in an Instagram post.

The photo, Whelan revealed during an appearance on Good Morning Britain, was taken in between takes of the final season's first episode. The 38-year-old actress explained her infant daughter was with her on set "for the whole thing," adding that she usually had to breastfeed while in costume because she was "tied into her armor."
Working moms, whose own armor may be a tad more metaphorical than Whelan's, clearly resonated with the post. Hundreds shared words of praise and encouragement in the caption, including HBO itself, calling the actress an "aggressive fighter, loving mother." Another commenter had a clever play on the House Greyjoy motto ("What is dead may never die"), writing: "What is fed may never cry." 
Keep crushing it, mama! 

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