This Hiring Manager Won't Hire Someone Unless They Do This

This Hiring Manager Won't Hire Someone Unless They Do This


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Looking for a new role can be an exhaustive process. First, you need the basics to land an interview. Then, there’s the extra challenge of making sure you can pass the round of interviews. After connecting with a major tech company, I learned more about what it takes to land a role and connect with the hiring manager to assure you can do the job—and set yourself up for actually getting the offer.

Most companies have an in-house HR team or talent team. However, some rely on external partners and contractors to complete their hiring process. Regardless of who the hiring manager is, here are three specific things that will help them understand how you are the right person for the job. 

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

There is nothing more important than a candidate understanding what the company does. Before you come to the interview, make sure to do your research. Give concrete examples of how your work experience will translate into this new role. Answer the questions specifically. Although a formal tone is not required, it is essential to stay on topic and keep the conversation focused on the specific questions you were asked. After you say the answer to a question, ask yourself: Did I answer the question to the best of my ability? If not, request to revisit the question for clarification. 

2. Display excitement.

When you are excited and enthusiastic about the role, it shows the employer that you want it—even at the most basic level. Sometimes we take interviews and opportunities out of obligation or to check off a box. When a hiring manager sees you are genuinely interested in the role, they are more likely to move you to the next stage. If you are doing the interview virtually, make sure to prepare your surroundings and set up your workstation and background so that it looks professional. In this post-pandemic environment, there is so much going on in our lives— but creating a quiet and professional space shows the hiring manager you are excited and ready to do your job. 

3. Show the right skill set.

One of the most critical aspects of the interview for the hiring manager is making sure the candidate can do the job. The biggest question they ask is: Will this new hire be able to complete the tasks assigned to them? Of course, you will learn new things, skills and attributes once you have the job, but coming to your new role clearly knowing how to complete the tasks outlined in the job description is crucial. Even if you have not done the exact position before, it is important to articulate how your previous experience will translate. It is also essential to brush up on the skills you have not used extensively to prepare to execute them on day one fully. 

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