This Innovative Program Has Helped 100+ Women in STEM2D Return to the Workforce Across the Globe

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May 25, 2024 at 11:6PM UTC

Career breaks offer experienced professionals unique opportunities to gain new insights, perspectives and experiences that can lead to innovative ideas and enrich companies as a whole, but returning to the workforce can be incredibly daunting. 

Recognizing the value of career breaks, Johnson & Johnson created the Re-Ignite Program which offers a pathway back to the workforce and a support system to help returners successfully transition and re-ignite their careers. The Re-Ignite Program was designed to help experienced professionals in science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing and design (STEM2D) fields return to the workforce after a career break of two or more years. Since launching its pilot in 2017 with three individuals, the program has since welcomed more than 100 returners across 12 countries and four regions. Re-Ignite continues to grow globally and has expanded to include program participants both in and outside of STEM2D functions.

For experienced professionals looking to return to the workforce, Johnson & Johnson’s Global Re-Ignite Program Leader, Sarah Klopfer, offers this advice: “Declare your desire to return to work! Create or update your LinkedIn Profile to indicate that you took a career break and you’re ready to return. Let your former colleagues, friends, and social network know that you’re interested in returning to the workforce and looking for the right opportunity.”

To ensure a successful transition back to the workforce, the returners in the Re-Ignite Program receive in-depth onboarding and training, as well as support from mentors, technical peers, and alumni. Re-Ignite Group Coaching sessions and regular networking and learning opportunities also round out the development opportunities provided to returners. Hiring managers receive resources and onboarding support so that they understand their role and how they can best support their returners. The Re-Ignite community and structure create a comfortable and inclusive environment for someone who is going through a transition, as well as those who are supporting a returner.

Re-Ignite is part of Johnson & Johnson’s broader commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Johnson & Johnson has seen that the Re-Ignite Program not only allows professionals to return to a career they once thrived in, but also offers a mechanism for recruiting talent with unique experiences; new and innovative thinking; and preparedness for the future of work. Re-Ignite partners with other companies and industry experts to share best practices and support each other in a common mission to evolve return-to-work programs.  Johnson & Johnson sees a career break as a differentiated experience and greatly values the diversity of thought and new perspectives that can be gained through a non-linear career path.        

How to take part in the global Re-Ignite Program.

Visit our Re-Ignite career website here to learn more about the program and read a few inspirational stories from our returners. You can view the current Re-Ignite job openings and apply for one directly from this website! View current job listings across Johnson & Johnson here!     


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