This CEO Says She Wouldn’t Be as Successful if She Didn’t Do These 4 Things Before 9 A.M. Every Day

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Tiffany Couch
Tiffany Couch
June 19, 2024 at 11:52PM UTC

I am a professional, entrepreneur, mom, and wife, with little time most days to exercise or even go to the bathroom! Years ago, I established a morning routine that made a significant impact on my life.

Thanks to these simple steps, I am more balanced, calm and able to tackle my work with purpose. Here's what I do to set my day up for success, all week long: 

1. I leave email at work

We’re so connected these days. I know a lot of people who hear the alarm go off and the first thing they do is roll over and check their phone. As tempting as it is (and why is it so tempting?), I don't read email until I am in the office and I don’t allow automatic email push notifications to my phone. In general, reading email early sets people up to be reactionary, rather than being proactive about what they need to accomplish that day.
Plus, I don’t want to be stressed out before I even get in the shower!

2. I enjoy a glass of coffee – if only for a few minutes

I am lucky that my husband is a stay-at-home dad, and his coffee rivals even the best barista. I spend 15 minutes drinking my coffee and genuinely enjoying it every morning. In the summer, I’ll sit on my deck, basking in the sun and reflecting on the blessings in my life.

3. I set an intention for the day

While I do my hair and makeup, I establish an intention for the day. It could be related to a meeting I have or a report I need to write. I envision the projects being completed or the meetings going well. If I have a speaking engagement, I imagine my audience enjoying their time and learning something new in the process. No matter the project, I visualize how I want it to go and what outcome I'd like to have.

4. I sing and dance during my commute

My drive to the office takes about 25 minutes. I use that time to listen to upbeat music – it puts me in a positive frame of mind and makes the commute fun rather than stressful. 
By the time I get to the office, I am invigorated and ready to tackle my day. And that's the best way to be.


Tiffany Couch is the CEO and founder of Acuity Forensics, a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm that helps unravel complex financial crimes.

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