This is What Game of Thrones Character You Are, Based on Your Work Personality

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May 29, 2024 at 3:12AM UTC

You could argue that the best part of Game of Thrones is the dragons or the drama or the unpredictable deaths… but let’s face it, you’d be wrong. The best part of this HBO classic is the wealth of super-powerful women. We’ve got a mother of dragons, a teenager who’s well-equipped with a sword and two literal queens. 

Are you wondering what Game of Thrones boss you are? Your professional personality is a pretty good indicator, since these women’s game faces are always on. Take a look:

If you’re an introvert who quietly produces great results and is always trying to learn… 

You’re Arya.

Like Arya, you’re absolutely dedicated to whatever makes you feel productive and purposeful — and you don’t have to make a big show of it. You may be obsessed with making lists, checking off tasks and challenging yourself to optimize your workflow. You likely have a great relationship with your superiors because you’re always delivering high-quality work. Keep up the good work, but remember not to burn yourself out; finishing your to-do list might not make you feel as good as you think, but preserving everyday self-care always pays off. 

If you’re an extrovert who likes to lead and is always thinking about the big picture… 

You’re Daenerys.

Like Daenerys, you’re a natural-born leader. You are at your best when you’re discussing your big ideas with others and when you’re at the forefront of planning. You’re amiable and charismatic, and you have no issue making friends around the office. While you’re a natural innovator and evangelist, you tend to forgo detail. Sometimes it’s good to slow yourself down, think through your plan step-by-step, and remind yourself that you aren’t too good for day-to-day work. After all, even queens have to check off their to-do list.  

If you’re an extrovert who likes to collaborate and thrives on delegation… 

You’re Sansa.

Like Sansa, you’re at your best when you are working on a team. While you may not always be the person heading the ship, you’re always at the center of what’s going on around you. You have a special skill for seeing the potential in others and guiding them towards their best. You are talkative, optimistic and orderly. Social situations have always come so naturally to you that you may not realize your own leadership potential. Don’t forget to highlight yourself every once in a while, and remember that striking out alone can sometimes be a great thing. 

If you’re an introvert who is obsessed with strategic-thinking and analytics… 

You’re Cersei.

Like Cersei, your mind is always ticking. You have a natural gift for seeing the world like a big game of chess, and you’re always moving the pieces intentionally. You are likely regarded as an expert on almost everything by your team, and you probably have a penchant for problem solving. Your planning is concise and dependable, but remember to let loose every once in a while. Not everything has to be a calculated choice. 

If you’re an introvert or extrovert who likes to serve others and get lost in your work...

You’re Brienne.

Like Brienne, you want to enjoy what you do and you want to feel like it matters. You tend to gravitate towards meaningful work that serves others and allows you the opportunity to really tune-in to your surroundings. Your mindfulness, optimistic approach to life and sense of humor inspire those around you. However, you might find yourself missing out on your full range of emotions as the result of not wanting to cause a fuss. Remind yourself that you’re allowed to get frustrated, ask for a raise or take the day off. You will thank yourself, and your coworkers will thank you, too. It’s always better to take care of yourself than to let yourself get burnt out. 

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