This Simple Technique Reveals Which Color to Wear For Important Meetings — Here's How

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April 13, 2024 at 6:17AM UTC
Can colors really induce certain behaviors and emotions? Followers of the Quantum Colors technique believe in it. Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith, author of Born to Do It: Becoming the Leader of a Business Niche, gave an exclusive interview to Ladders and discussed how the Quantum Color Technique can change your mood and alter your career for the better.

What are Quantum Colors?

The Quantum Colors technique was created by Feng Shui master and author Marie Diamond. Quantum colors, she says, are specific colors that you can use to manifest success. They improve your relationships, health, and overall quality of life.
Smith follows, teaches, and swears by the Quantum Colors technique. She tells Ladders that there’s a three-step process to follow. First, you find out what goals you’re looking to achieve depending upon what’s important to you. Next, you use Diamond’s manual to determine which of the 24 colors will help you manifest that goal. And finally, you need to have a belief that the technique will work, or it simply won’t.
“This technique really helps with tension in the workplace, burnout, and prolonged stress,” Dr. Smith says. “The colors I was wearing were only contributing towards my constant state of stress, fatigue, and exhaustion, and were subsequently blocking me from attracting more clients, sales, and the success that I was yearning for.”
Dr. Smith says that she was experiencing depression and anxiety around closing deals with specific client bases. Diamond’s opinion was that Dr. Smith was burnt out – and constrained by the dull colors she was wearing.
“She had noticed that I wore lots of black, gray, and dark purple, and that these weren’t the right colors to wear in order to attract clients and so that I could start feeling abundant, energetic, and happy from within,” Dr. Smith says. As it turns out, when Dr. Smith began wearing more saffron yellow, gold, rose, and pink, her goals of securing the right client base were fulfilled. She felt more confident, and it showed through her work.
While Dr. Smith states that gold and pink worked for her, your colors might look a bit different.

Saffron yellow

Certain colors can help with different types of workplace settings and scenarios,” Dr. Smith explains. “For example, wearing saffron yellow can help to activate compassion when you want to show trust, patience, and kindness towards your clients and coworkers. It can also help you to be more receptive to listen to others’ advice, create a gentle ease of love and support, and feel more compassion towards yourself.”


Gold, Dr. Smith says, signifies financial growth and fulfillment from work and investments.


Rose signifies love, openness and the reception of support.


“Pink would also activate tenderness when you need to be gentle with difficult clients and/or colleagues, or when you want to receive loving attention. It can also help to stimulate your senses, and express appreciation and sweetness.”
Luckily, Quantum Colors are gender non-specific and everyone of any gender can wear whichever colors will activate their various needs.
“A man doesn’t need to wear yellow or pink trousers for Quantum Colors to work,” Dr. Smith says. You don’t have to dress monochromatically in order to gain the full benefits of these meaningful hues. “These colors could be worn in a different way, and a lot more subtle. For example – a pink tie or a shirt with dashes of red featured on it. Gold cuff links could work, as could an opal ring.”

Meeting with the boss? Try royal blue

For a meeting with your boss, you should focus on colors that inspire confidence, namely the color blue.
“Royal Blue,” Dr. Smith says, “can activate power when you choose to have more impact, attract praise, radiate confidence, achieve a more authoritative position.” You can use royal blue to reach new heights while feeling safe and protected. You can also choose Cobalt Blue, which signifies empowerment. You’ll feel courageous, confident, and ready to make changes both for yourself and for others.

Color combinations

For a tense Zoom meeting, Dr. Smith recommends a combination of colors: ruby red, magenta, and aqua blue.
Ruby red can help to activate balance when you choose to resolve conflicts, make good decisions when weighing options, or balance intense energies that could be revolving around the energy of the Zoom meeting,” Dr. Smith continues. “Magenta can help to activate harmony when you choose to increase peace and accord. And aqua blue can help to activate clarity when you choose to determine a new direction or process in the business… and to express your needs and desires.”
For a promotion, raise, or salary increase, you’ll want to go with opal or silver. Opal activates a transformation and causes a shift into conscious thoughts and feelings while silver signifies “magnificence,” and allows you to believe in your own worth.
Though the idea of Quantum Colors might be novel, it’s an old (and not unreasonable) idea that colors can impact your thoughts, feelings, and ultimately, the direction of your life. With just some brighter colors and a little more mindfulness with your wardrobe, you can shift your mindset into a more optimistic and forward-thinking space.
This article originally appeared on Ladders

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