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Photo Courtesy of Appian

Photo Courtesy of Appian

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June 22, 2024 at 6:19PM UTC

If you’re looking for a company that will support you personally and professionally, while investing in your career development and success, look no further.

Appian is a software company that provides a low-code automation platform, enabling organizations to develop applications faster. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, and part of the Dulles Technology Corridor, the company was named a Leader by Gartner analysts for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. 

Women who work there have said they love working there “because of the people.” Appian employees work in small, agile, and collaborative teams that embody generosity of spirit and have an unquenchable desire to learn. That approach gives individuals greater ownership and input into decisions and makes for a more efficient and happier workplace. 

Fairygodboss recently spoke to representatives from Appian about how they’re actively creating one of the best workplaces in the world and what women employees can expect from the culture. We also explored Appian’s mission to positively impact the way businesses operate and the global opportunities employees have to contribute to the Appian vision. 

What is the mission of Appian?

To positively impact the way businesses operate through low-code automation. 

 What are your core values? 

  1. At Appian, we are generous, lead with respect and always prioritize those who made Appian a part of their lives and/or careers; our employees, customers, and partners.

  2. We strive for simplicity in everything we do, and hold ourselves to high standards.

  3. We are stronger when ideas and voices from all of our employees are heard, and welcome healthy dissent.

  4. Working to Impact at Appian means we continue to find ways to improve, have the humility needed to make ourselves better, and never settle. 

What differentiates Appian from others in the industry?

What differentiates Appian from others in the space is truly our people. We are changing the way businesses operate. Employees, who embody generosity in all forms, are to thank for our success over these past 22 years. They have created opportunities to drive hands-on impact both with our customers and throughout the organization, which creates an environment where meaningful work is met with career growth and opportunity.

Appian as a whole has grown thoughtfully and deliberately, with little to no outside funding since it was founded in 1999. We are public, financially solvent, and are continuing our growth, both in product and people, in 2021 and beyond. 

Describe 1-5 employee benefits that positively impact women who work here.

  1. Appian has recently partnered with LifeCare to offer our US employees and their children access to Homework Connection, which provides 24/7 on-demand online tutoring from grades K-12 and college levels. Benefits include: saving time with daily homework, connecting children with trusted tutors, and having support across hundreds of varying school subjects.

  2. Appian will soon offer a series of sessions geared for employees, particularly parents, with a focus on their work-life wellbeing in uncertain times and how their personal wellbeing can impact their relationships with their children and significant others. The tools provided will help employees to feel in control of their managing competing demands to maintain a positive mindset.

  1. Appian provides hospital-grade Medela Symphony breast pumps for each Wellness Room within our US Headquarters location to support Appian’s new working nursing moms and to help with their transition back to work from maternity leave. 

  1. For Appian’s traveling nursing moms, we offer a Milk Stork service where Appian covers the entire cost of services for all approved Appian Business Travel. 

  1. Founded in 2013, AppianWOMEN is the company’s longest-standing employee-led Affinity Group with a mission to foster and support Appian’s community of women and allies to maximize a positive impact. Their board, which has representation from women across departments and regions, offers thoughtful programming and events. In addition to this, we also have employee-led groups, such as our Women in Engineering Guild and Appian Women in Sales, who meet to discuss topics around building community support within varying teams and driving initiatives that help us recruit more women at Appian.

What career development opportunities can female job seekers expect from this organization? How is career pathing approached?

Appian recognizes that the ideal career path is customized to each employee. Employees, in partnership with their managers, are encouraged to play an active role in their career development and in the development of their unique career path objectives. Employees’ career development is supported through robust internal development programs, such as the Appian MBA program (a year-long leadership development program designed to help individuals acquire skills needed for current front-line leadership roles at Appian); DISC Training (Behavioral assessment to understand your working style and how to interact with peers); and a Presentation Skills training (which gives participants the skills and confidence to deliver effective presentations to small and large groups).

Employees are encouraged to leverage the internal mentor network to provide additional perspectives on their career development. Additionally, Appian’s internal mobility program supports employees who are interested in moving into roles within Appian but outside of their current department.

 Why should women want to grow their careers here?

Women from all walks of life have opportunities at Appian. Whether you are joining us straight from college seeking immediate support and mentorship, or further along in your career seeking a new challenge and leadership development, we have various programs and a community to support your aspirations. 

Please provide any quotes or anecdotes from women at your company as to why they love working there or specific professional opportunities they’ve had as a result of their employment with your company.

  • “We have a learning culture. In Engineering, we have dedicated time that is blocked off for the entire department just for learning. I get to spend this time doing whatever I want to improve my skills/knowledge. As I've become more specialized, I attribute this time to much of my growth since it gives me dedicated time to do deeper investigations into topics that I would otherwise not be able to prioritize.” - Anita Jorgensen, Senior Software Engineering ll

  • “I love working at Appian because of the people. I know it is quite cliche, but it is the truth. Everyday I get excited to go to work because of the phenomenal and caring individuals I am surrounded by. People who celebrate each other's accomplishments, tackle each new obstacle with kindness, and overall make me want to be a better version of myself.” - Alexis Kane, Solutions Consultant

  • “I love working at Appian because the product is fantastic, and we enjoy a wide range of outstanding customers and partners that I get to speak to everyday. This places me in a unique position in which I can receive first-hand industry insights. In 2020, it meant that I was amongst the first people to understand how the pandemic affects different markets. We are fortunate as our technology can be used to help organizations with some of the adjustments they had to make operationally, whilst staying efficient and compliant. How awesome is that! I’m grateful to be part of Appian every day!"  - Monika Andonova, Solutions Consultant - Partners

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