This Women-Approved Tech Company Is Hiring Like Crazy – Here are 5 Reasons to Apply

Seagate Technology completely defies the sexist reputation of tech for these 5 reasons.

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Taylor Tobin
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May 23, 2024 at 1:13PM UTC
Tech companies don’t have the best reputation for inclusive hiring, with the vast majority of their workforces identifying as male. But some forward-thinking  businesses choose to take active steps toward diversifying their employee rosters. They establish generous leave policies, health benefits, and leadership initiatives designed to appeal to workers of all genders, races, and ages.

Seagate Technology, a company dedicated to data storage engineering, serves as a shining example of a tech organization working to attract a diverse employee population. Female workers speak highly of their experiences with Seagate – and speak especially highly of these 5 benefits and policies.

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Here's why women are obsessed with working at Seagate:

1. Seagate is committed to diverse hiring practices.

Rather than accepting tech’s historic problems with gender equality, Seagate makes a concerted effort to recruit and retain female employees. All Seagate hiring managers undergo unconscious bias training, which emphasizes the importance of a level playing field for team members regardless of gender identity, race, or sexual orientation.

The company also uses recruiting processes specifically designed to increase diversity, and supports initiatives to prep employees of all backgrounds for advancement.

2. Seagate proudly supports its Women’s Leadership Network.

Seagate encourages female employees to grow within the company. One way they promote this growthl is by supporting the Seagate Women’s Leadership Network.

This network involves break-out groups across the globe, all managed by Seagate employees and focused on “supporting diverse outreach and recruiting, and site engagement activities.” The Seagate Women’s Leadership Network also provides leadership development training to members, and Seagate urges senior employees to develop mentor-mentee relationships with junior staffers.

The Women’s Leadership groups prioritize community engagement, developes relationships with schools and sets up STEM-related projects for students and even local Girl Scout troops – all with the goal of making Seagate a better, more inclusive place. 

3. Seagate offers a generous flexible working policy.

When it comes to work-life balance, the ability to work remotely when necessary proves to be one of the most valuable benefits a company can provide.

Seagate recognizes this truth by presenting employees with a thorough suite of flexible-working possibilities. Workers can apply for regular telecommuting arrangements, isolated work-from-home days, and an adjustment of core work hours, all of which are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and granted when it makes sense for both the employee and the company.

4. Seagate’s family leave, medical leave, and childcare benefits are excellent.

Seagate’s willingness to work with employees on scheduling also extends to its official leave policies. The Seagate team can expect both paid and unpaid parental leave, short-term disability leave, and PTO specifically for care-taking.

On top of that, Seagate offers fertility benefits, eldercare benefits, on-site lactation facilities, and subsidies to help cover the costs of childcare.

5. Seagate has a collaborative company culture.

When sharing their thoughts on Seagate with Fairygodboss, multiple employees cited the positive culture and strong cooperative relationships between coworkers as major perks of the company. Contamination control engineer Sonia Marrero describes the working environment at Seagate like this:

“Our culture is highly collaborative. If you work at Seagate, you will most likely be on a cross-functional team. The teams are multi-cultural and very diverse. The diversity drives innovations and ensures that there are multiple viewpoints represented. Even though we’re all individual contributors, we all come together to develop and deliver our products. The collaboration allows for decisions to be made quickly. Once we make a decision, we don’t have to go back because everyone has agreed, allowing everything to move faster.”
Seagate is a supportive, diverse place to work. And it's hiring like crazy. Start applying, why don't you?
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