This Woman Just Became The First Female Head of Armed Forces of a NATO Country

Alenka Ermenc

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It's a big day for Major General Alenka Ermenc from Slovenia. She was just appointed chief of staff of the Slovenian military, and will take her post today. 
Slovenia is the only Nato country that has ever appointed a woman as head of its army. 
Ermenc started her military service in 1991, after Slovenia won its independence from former Yugoslavia. She was previously serving as the army’s deputy chief of staff. 
She’s replacing Major General Alan Geder, who has been serving as chief of staff since February. President Borut Pahor said he hopes Ermenc will improve the army in a time of global unrest. 
"The global trend of a deteriorating security situation continues and even though Slovenia is not directly threatened military-wise, it must improve its military safety relatively quickly," he said in a statement.

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