This Zodiac Sign Produces the Most Toxic Bosses, According to Astrologers

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While I tend to believe we choose who we are everyday, astrology tells us that we each have a generally guiding personality and way of life depending on the day, time and place we were born. 
While this can teach us about our greatest strengths and lead us to great successes, it can also inform us of our biggest weaknesses. And unfortunately, according to astrologers, some zodiac signs have more of a tendency towards toxicity than others. This toxicity can come out in any type of relationship, including interpersonal relationships in the workplace. 
There are three signs with the strongest tendency towards toxic behavior, especially in positions of power at work: 

1. Aries

While at their best they're a passionate fire sign with a lot to say and natural leadership potential, Aries can be incredibly inflexible — and vengeful of people who interrupt their vision. An Aries boss may be volatile, stubborn and political, especially when they're under pressure. This can leave their direct reports weary of how they're achieving their ends — and worried they'll be in the line of fire during the Aries' next tantrum. 

2. Aquarius 

Aquarius is a natural philosopher with a knack for seeing the big picture and a flexible nature. However, their focus on the idealist often leaves them out of touch and cold to their colleagues. They are willing to sacrifice anything for their vision and have a tendency for cutting people off when the relationship is no longer helpful in the pursuit of a larger goal. This can leave their teammates feeling like political pawns who never truly get to experience the Aquarius' personhood. 

3. Scorpio 

Scorpios are charming, mysterious and highly intuitive, making them charismatic leaders who can build a passionate organization. However, their natural charms and tendency towards coldness and jealousy also make them master manipulators. The scorpio is gifted at getting others to do their bidding — their team members may feel codependent on their charming but cold leader. They may experience gaslighting and backhanded compliments that leave them confused at the state of the relationship. Overall, this breeds distrust and anxiety