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“Together, we are changing the future of our world,” says Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., a multibillion dollar subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corp. Samsung Semiconductor provides the world’s most advanced technology for use in devices that people use everyday, such as smartphones, consumer electronics and computing platforms.

At Samsung Semiconductor, the best and brightest come together to push the boundaries of what’s possible and power the future. Employees “work on the most advanced technologies, contributing to breakthroughs in 5G, SOC, memory and display,” says the company. And the results of this impressive work are easily seen: Samsung Semiconductor is the #2 patent-holder in the U.S and a leading innovator with 44 CES Awards in 2021!

As for the people who work there, the company stands for more than innovative technology. Samsung Semiconductor stands for a company culture of caring, collaboration and advancing an industry — together. To do so, they rely on four guiding principles:

  1. Driving progress, always. Samsung Semiconductor builds on their successes (and failures), tries new approaches and stretches for growth. With each step, or goal achieved, they rise to the next challenge.

  2. Humble expertise. While they may be experts in their fields, the employees at Samsung Semiconductor do not claim to know it all. Instead, they remain curious and look to data to prove their hypotheses.

  3. Think big, think global. To advance the world’s technology, the company knows that they must think big. To do so, they seek perspective and insights through cross-functional and cross-cultural interactions.

  4. High-caliber collaboration. Samsung Semiconductor works with the best to deliver the best, requires thoughtful communication and fosters strong relationships. They build on each other’s ideas and offer support. 

As a company, Samsung Semiconductor is committed to constant learning and growth, and they “never shy away from challenges.” To learn more about why you should join this exciting company, read on...

An award-winning focus on diversity, equity and inclusion

“You’ll gain a global perspective through our diversity of cultures and thought, as well as exposure to emerging technologies. We use this perspective to drive global impact, serving our customers around the world.”

Samsung Semiconductor knows that an inclusive culture and diverse workforce are imperative for innovation and growth. As such, the company aims to “create a global team where everyone belongs and has equal opportunities, inspiring our talent to be their true selves,” says the company. In this way, they can build a better tomorrow.

Samsung Semiconductor is living up to this goal. For instance, they are a certified Great Place to Work ( ranked the #1 Employer in the world by Forbes in 2021 and 2020) and, in 2021, they were recognized as one of the Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

Moreover, the company demonstrates a dedication to women and their careers. “We are committed to encouraging the next generation of female leaders by supporting women who are excelling in their fields,” the company says. 

Unique benefits at Samsung Semiconductor that we think you’ll love.

At Samsung Semiconductor, they provide a wealth of employee programs to support mental and physical wellbeing. A few that we’d like to highlight include:

  • Best-in-class benefits, including: medical, dental, vision, FSA (flexible spending accounts), EAP (employee assistance program), 401k matching, life insurance, disability, financial planning/seminars, salary continuation, learning and development courses and tuition reimbursement. 

  • Company perks, including: a travel assistance program, cooking demos, one complimentary lunch entrée and fountain drink each workday, sports teams, athletic challenges, an on-site fitness center with free classes, gym reimbursement, free on-site flu shots and biometric screenings, an employee purchase discount for Samsung-branded products, a flexible work schedule and much more.

  • Awards, including awards for completing a Patent Review process and being granted a Patent, for published articles and for employee excellence and team excellence. 

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