Top Three Benefits to Look for in Your Job Search

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Photo courtesy of Fannie Mae.

Photo courtesy of Fannie Mae.

Carrie Theisen, VP of Total Rewards at Fannie Mae, Washington, D.C.
Carrie Theisen, VP of Total Rewards at Fannie Mae, Washington, D.C.
April 15, 2024 at 9:34PM UTC

When I joined Fannie Mae as Vice President of Total Rewards in March 2021, COVID-19 was still at its height, and the benefits landscape was in flux. Although Fannie Mae already offered an impressive benefits package, we knew we had to look at the ways work had changed and then redesign the benefits we offered to better reflect what employees value now. 

We took an employee-centered approach, surveying our people about the benefits we offered and gleaning additional insights from professional sites such as Glassdoor and Fishbowl to determine employees’ new needs. As we applied this to how we think about benefits at Fannie Mae, we were able to pin down the top three benefits you should look for when seeking a job in today’s marketplace.

1. Time for self-care

As you’d expect, the need for sick leave increased significantly during the pandemic, with COVID quarantine recommendations ranging from five to 14 days. Employers across industries also had employees increasingly use sick time for mental health, and studies found that 54% of employees used their sick time to take a mental health day at the height of the pandemic. However, most companies only offer an average of eight sick days per year. 

Choosing a company that provides benefits like generous vacation, appropriate sick leave, and family leave will let you care for yourself and family members as needed and also ensures adequate time off to rest and recharge. 

2. Hybrid work options

During this pivotal period, many employees realized that remote work allowed them to integrate work and life priorities more easily. From time saved during commutes to spending extra time with family and friends, employees found that working from home became a life-enhancing new norm. 

Finding a company that allows you to decide where you wish to work lets you structure your days in a way that’s best for you — providing today’s sought-after level of work-life balance.

3. Financial wellness

Compensation is important, especially after the economic instability that came with the pandemic, but it’s so much more than a salary or bonus. There are other ways that a company can promote your financial health. 

Benefits such as lifestyle spending accounts, tuition assistance, student loan repayment, and 401(k) matching can provide tangible value beyond a paycheck. And some employers even offer financial support for important milestones like the purchase of a home to help employees reach their personal goals. 

Life-encompassing benefits that fit your needs

In many cases, a company may offer one or two notable benefits — say, generous 401(k) matching or great health coverage — but lack in other areas that employees care about. Your next company should offer a deep well of benefits, including generous vacation and leave time, hybrid work options, comprehensive health offerings, and a focus on financial wellness to more fully meet your needs. 

I'm thankful to lead Total Rewards at Fannie Mae and proud of our benefits offering. We value our people and set ourselves apart by prioritizing work-life fit and committing to providing thoughtful and intentional benefits. Consider a career at Fannie Mae.

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