'Trusting My Ex-Husband’: 8 Real Women Share Their Biggest Money Regrets

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Leah Thomas866
May 19, 2024 at 8:43PM UTC

We've all made some poor financial decisions. Whether it was an unnecessarily big purchase, a silly investment, a salary decision, or a pair of ridiculously expensive, non-refundable shoes that didn't fit  — we've been there. 

We asked eight women to tell us their biggest money regrets. And trust us, after reading this, you'll feel much less alone in your money mistakes. 

1. Lending an ex money.

“My biggest financial regret is lending $3,500 in 2015 to my ex so he could go back to school without even having any documentation placed for a payment plan. He hasn't paid me back, and he hasn't finished school.” — Ashley Copeland

2. Buying LOTS of unused exercise equipment.

“Where do I start with biggest money regrets? I've bought unused exercise videos, gadgets, and pills when all I really needed was a nice healthy walk outside and healthy eating.” — LaTonya Carmouché 

3. Taking a pay cut without pushing back.

“Accepting a job at a significant pay cut (25%) without pushing for more. When I came on board, I found out that I replaced a man who was earning nearly double when he left.” — Sadaf Sajwani

4. Getting bigger breasts.

“After I finished nursing my first born, I was self conscious with what was left of my chest, as many moms can probably relate. So, I went and spent $11,000 to get my ‘perfect’ set of breasts. Or at least society’s perception of ‘perfect looking boobs.’ This ended up being the worst money I’ve ever spent. All I really had to do was look inside and love me for me, flaws and all. That's much more sustainable.” — Courtney Donaldson

5. Hiring a holiday decorator. 

“I hired a decorator to spruce up my house for an upcoming Christmas party. She told me what her hourly fee was, but didn't tell me how many decorations she would be buying — at full price. Six hundred dollars later, I had some nice holiday decorations for the party, but a lot of regret!” — Christina Erickson

6. NOT buying a house. 

“My regret isn't what I spent on something, but rather what I DIDN'T spend. I bartended in college and for a few years after. I made great money. A lot of my friends and colleagues were buying small, inexpensive houses at the time. I had the mistaken idea that buying a home was for old people, and that it wasn't worth buying one unless it was as nice as my parents’. Five years later, all of those friends were selling the houses they bought for $70k for $400k in their late 20's." — Avery Carl.

7. Trusting my ex-husband.

"And giving him money." — Sonja Jones. 

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