Twitter Is Bending Its Knee After This ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan-Favorite Submitted Herself For An Emmy

Gwendoline Christie

"Game of Thrones" // HBO

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The final season of “Game of Thrones” may have contained more than a couple of questionable character developments, but Gwendoline Christie’s portrayal of Ser Brienne of Tarth was an undisputed highlight. Which is why no one was shocked when news came out earlier this week that Christie was among those in the show's cast and crew to receive an Emmy nomination for their work.

What was a bit surprising (not Bran-becoming-king surprising, but I digress) was the news to emerge later that Christie had actually submitted for her own nomination after HBO failed to do so. It’s a situation plenty of us have been in: having our accomplishments go ignored at work in favor of those of our colleagues. But in true knight fashion, Christie didn’t take the snub sitting down. And Twitter can’t stop bending its collective knee to her because of it. 

Fans are calling Christie's self-submission a perfect example of what being your own best advocate looks like.

And they're feeling a certain kind of way about it.

Some think this points to a key unanswered moment in the show's finale.

But there's no denying it was a move worthy of a queen (or knight).

Here's to knowing and championing our worth, even when others won't. 

And to taking care of business ourselves — since, after all, that wound up being a pretty major theme of the show itself (#Arya2020).

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