Twitter is Freaking Out About This Illustrator's Totally Bizarre Pregnancy Book

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June 15, 2024 at 1:53AM UTC

When you think about the health classes of your school days, you probably cringe, laugh or do some convoluted combination of both. You’re going to have that same reaction to these viral illustrations that depict pregnancy and childbirth in an… out-of-this-world, slightly scary way. 

Twitter is obsessed with @chrissimpsonsartist after a tweet of one of his bizarre illustrations went viral. The illustration is a satirical picture of a pregnant woman who has what looks like a 2-year-old child chilling in her abdomen.

It turns out Chris (if that’s his real name) has gone viral before; he has an entire collection of bizarre illustrations that make child-rearing into the ultimate meme. They're compiled into a book he just published called "The Story of Life." I’m not sure if these illustrations are a smart commentary on our societal lack of knowledge about female anatomy or simply an exercise in the theatre of the absurd. But I do know — either way — they are comedy genius. 

Actually, I do know. This guy is definitely just being weird... look at this one. 

Ok, you can go about your day in peace now. Just make sure your kids don’t get their hands on a copy of the book. There are enough misleading health textbooks going around. Also, can you imagine the questions they’d have? I’m cringe-laughing again. 

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