4 Things You Won’t Hear an Unstoppable Person Say at Work

Genuine workplace rock stars take many forms, but you'll rarely hear them saying these 4 things.

Unstoppable workers


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Taylor Tobin1.84k
May 22, 2024 at 2:15AM UTC

Ambitious high-achievers can (and should) sharpen their skills and improve their performances on the basis of self-motivation. However, wanting your supervisors and colleagues to notice your exceptional work is a natural reaction, and establishing yourself as an “unstoppable” force sets you up for career mobility, exciting opportunities, and higher rates of pay.

To become an indispensable and super-effective member of your work team, you’ll want to consider avoiding these four phrases (and to fully embrace the fifth statement on this list). 

1. “I don’t make mistakes.”

“Unstoppable” and “flawless” aren’t synonyms, and for good reason; even the very best workers are human, and like all flesh-and-blood mortals, they make the occasional mistake. Truly exceptional workers don’t deny their errors or try to foist responsibility off on anyone else; instead, they admit their own wrongdoing and take active steps to correct the situation. 

2. “I don’t know what I want from this job.”

While the concept of the “dream job” can put undue pressure on career decisions (and can therefore hinder real professional growth), a clear-sighted perspective on your job goals is crucial for advancement and for workplace satisfaction. Maybe you don’t love your current job (or your current manager or your current coworkers), but keeping an eye on your hopes for the future and how your present profession serves those ambitions places you in good standing for figuring out your next move.

3. “I don’t have time to respond.”

During busy periods at work, you may find yourself unable to check your email or messages as regularly as you’d prefer. However, maintaining consistent communication with your teammates remains essential. If you know that you have a hectic day ahead, inform your closest colleagues rather than merely ignoring their emails until you’re ready to respond. 

4. “Taking care of myself isn’t a priority.”

Contrary to popular belief, “unstoppable” workers aren’t usually the ones pulling consecutive all-nighters, failing to eat well, and compromising their mental health to get results at work. Self-care prompts greater productivity and overall happiness, resulting in a more motivated and high-performing state of mind. 

5. Unstoppable workers should, however, make themselves very comfortable with this word: “No.”

“Unstoppable” professionals don’t consider themselves “yes people”, mainly because they know that declining unrealistic requests and drawing clear boundaries are indicators of strong self-awareness and a determination to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Therefore, the word “no” should absolutely be part of your vocabulary at work...but, ideally, you’ll present your “no” with a suggested alternative. For instance, if you can’t sign onto a project at work due to your existing workload, phrasing your response as “I’m sorry, but I have a particularly-long list of active projects right now, but I’ll have more availability as of [X date]. Let me know if you could still use a hand at that point!” presents you as a problem-solver with a strong investment in your company’s success. 

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