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Kennedy Jones

Kennedy Jones. Photo courtesy of Canva.

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June 23, 2024 at 11:4AM UTC

Are you looking for a company where your voice will actually be heard? A company that truly supports your growth, has a genuine commitment to DEI, and amazing benefits you can’t find elsewhere? If so, Canva — the leading visual communications platform with a mission to empower the world to design — may be a great fit for you.

If you’re curious to learn more, just ask Kennedy Jones, a Canva Customer Success Manager, about her experience at the company. “Our culture is all about being heard,” explains Jones. “I recently read a statistic that 29% of women feel as if their gender is going to be an obstacle for advancement.” But, as Jones emphasizes, this isn’t the case at Canva. “I feel so supported, on all levels, to raise a hand, speak up, and be vocal about the things that I’m feeling within the workplace,” Jones tells us. “Unfortunately I think most women can name an occurrence where that isn’t the ‘norm’ and, in turn, have had to shy away from opportunities or opinions. If you’re experiencing that in a workplace — know that there is better out there! I’m getting to see it firsthand at Canva.”

This culture of support and listening is backed by Canva’s six core values:

  1. Make complex things simple.

  2. Set crazy big goals and make them happen.

  3. Be a force for good.

  4. Empower others.

  5. Pursue excellence.

  6. Be a good human.

“Canva is dedicated to our core values,” shares Jones, who also emphasizes how this results in positive outcomes both within and outside the company. For instance, Canva matches employee charitable donations and offers three days off for volunteer opportunities. “Knowing that your employer backs organizations that you're passionate about outside of work really shows that Canva is dedicated to giving back to the community in which we live,” concludes Jones.

Through their actions and policies, Canva constantly shows that they care about their employees and the communities they work in. And, the reasons why you should work at Canva don’t stop there either. Read on to find out about their emphasis on career development, top-of-the-line benefits, and more!

Why you should grow your career at Canva. 

At Canva, you get a plethora of opportunities to grow your career, Jones tells us. However, “most notably, Canva gives us the opportunity to truly grow alongside the company, which I am so grateful for,” she shares. “I started my career at Canva in January 2021, and after I had been with the company for almost a year, I interviewed for a promotion in our Customer Success team. I had so many colleagues encouraging me to go for it when I didn’t know if I was ready to take the leap of faith myself.” 

Encouraging one another to take that leap and grow their careers — even if it seems intimidating — is a core part of the Canva culture. As part of the growing U.S. team at the company, Jones notes that Canva has brought in career development coaches, hired more women in leadership roles, and grown their “Vibe” team to help cultivate a positive employee experience at Canva. “I can’t wait to see the continued growth,” she says. 

And Jones is far from alone in feeling this way. “As a woman in tech sales, I've experienced firsthand the ‘boys club’ mentality prevalent in so many companies and how toxic that mindset can be to anyone not ‘part of the club,’” explains Cassie Davis, a Mid-Market Consultant at Canva. “Canva is one of the only companies I've worked with so far that truly accepts and prioritizes the women in its workforce... I feel like I can show up to work as my most authentic self without having to shut down any part of my personality or my femininity. Women have so much power for positive change in the workforce, and it feels really good to be at an organization that isn't afraid to let us shine.”

As a result of this culture, “women are well represented in every area of Canva, whether that be a conference room, a Zoom call, or an internal club,” says Jones. “Hiring and promoting women into leadership is super impactful.”

Benefits that we think you’ll love. 

When asked about a unique benefit that Canva offers, Jones told us that, “every employee is allotted a yearly ‘Vibe & Thrive’ stipend, which is set aside for employees to take advantage of for our mental and physical health.” Jones used this to purchase a device to track her sleep and fitness, but it can be used for everything from home office equipment to a pilates membership to a MasterClass subscription. 

Of course, this is only one of many examples of how the Canva benefits help foster an inclusive culture that enables everyone to live their best lives. Other benefits include:

  • Generous parental leave for all parents and caregivers that is inclusive of all family constructs.

    • Since equal leave is a great accelerator for gender equality, Canva is working toward normalizing parents taking leave and equal roles in caregiving. As such, they’ve removed caregiver labels (i.e., primary and secondary) and now offer parents 18 weeks of paid parental leave for all US employees, which is fully flexible across two years, while maintaining your 401k matching contributions. 

    • In addition, Canva offers a flexible Return To Work policy for parents. We have a program for parents to return part time for 4 weeks to help with navigating supporting a new family member while returning to work.

  • Career coaching opportunities, including tailored coaching and programs to meet your needs.

  • A #Kudos Slack channel that enables employees to encourage one another for all contributions, regardless of their size.

  • And much, much more!

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