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April 15, 2024 at 10:14AM UTC

Want to help energize society and fight climate change at the same time? At Siemens Energy, you can do just that! Siemens Energy combines their technology and people to meet the growing global demand for energy while transitioning to a more sustainable world.

“Together, our global team collaborates and creates sustainable change toward the world’s energy systems,” says the company. “Their spirit fuels our mission, and their brilliant minds develop new ways to support the energy transition.”

Through their core values of being caring, agile, respectful and accountable, Siemens Energy is able to bring innovation to work and help employees feel empowered to be their best selves and bring that energy forward. “As a global energy technology company, we know it is vitally important to nurture your creativity, and the opportunity to foster your own ideas and have your voice listened to is a great source of pride and motivation,” the company notes.

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Every Siemens Energy employee has the opportunity to navigate their own path and receive support for their individual, unique goals. With nearly endless opportunities, a global interdepartmental network full of support and mentors and a variety of career options, Siemens Energy employees will always find new chances to learn and grow.

Interested in helping to make tomorrow different today? Read on to find out more about why women love working at Siemens Energy, and apply to current positions via the link at the bottom of this article!

How Siemens Energy energizes society.

What differentiates Siemens Energy from others in the industry?  

Siemens Energy is driven by our purpose: “we energize society”. 

We are one of the only companies that has the capabilities, market-leading presence across the entire energy value chain and unmatched global reach to deliver this purpose. Our vision describes our destination as we fulfill our purpose: to become the most valued energy technology company in the world for our customers, investors, partners, employees, families and the societies in which we live. These different stakeholders may sometimes have different interests but, with the ambition to balance these interests, we are building a profitable and enduringly successful company that attracts the right talents to build a bright future. 

We are an energy technology company because we are convinced that the challenge to supply the increasing energy demand on a sustainable basis can only be achieved by providing efficient, innovative and world-leading technologies.

What’s something that you think most people (perhaps even current employees) don’t know about Siemens Energy that you think they should? 

We offer broad expertise across the entire energy value chain, along with a comprehensive portfolio for utilities, independent power producers, transmission system operators, the oil and gas industry and other energy-intensive industries. We provide products, services and solutions around energy generation, transmission, industrial applications, renewable energy, the new energy business and want to decarbonize and transform the future of energy. 

A few fun facts about us are:

  • Including our time as Siemens, we have been electrifying the world for over 150 years.

  • Our workforce spans four generations, with our youngest employee being 17 and our oldest being 85.

  • 20% of the global energy supply is based on the Siemens technology.

  • We operate across 90 countries.

  • An estimated one sixth of globally generated electricity and 50% of our portfolio is decarbonized.

  • We established state-of-the art internal innovation centers that explore cutting-edge technology for the future.

  • By 2030, we want all of our gas turbines to run 100% on hydrogen.

Why women love working at Siemens Energy.

What’s one thing Siemens Energy does that is particularly unique or unexpected?  

Siemens Energy puts great emphasis on how we as a company deliver, and our greatest emphasis is on our people. Our people and culture — our “how” — will be the differentiator with our customers, investors, suppliers, partners, employees and society. 

Leading the energy transition from the people perspective means leveraging our strengths and further enhancing our “People & Culture” foundation by using our three main building blocks:

  1. A vibrant workforce.

    • Our ambition is to become the employer of choice in the Energy industry. We do this by investing in employer branding, learning and development, strategic workforce planning and a recognition and performance management system. 

  2. A thriving environment.

    • We are creating an environment for people to be self-directed, to have responsibility and find meaning in their work. We guide this by setting standards through our Inclusion and Diversity Framework, applying new ways of working and establishing cross-organizational community networks.

  3. Our game-changing leaders.

    • Leaders navigate through changing situations by providing clarity and direction in uncertain conditions. They bring new strategies, new mindsets and business transformation to life, which are triggered by outside market changes and remodeling our Leadership Essentials.

5 employee benefits that positively impact women who work at Siemens Energy (U.S. Specific). 

  1. Fully company paid short-term disability, which provides paid time off in the event of pregnancy or disability.

  2. Fully company paid long-term disability.

  3. Paid parental leave, which allows for six paid weeks of leave for birth, adoption or foster care placement.

  4. Competitive health benefits, including: Free yearly medical/dental exams; $10 yearly eye exams (the Company pays 100% for the vision plan); $150 Wellness credits for the yearly medical exams and $50 Wellness credits for the yearly eye exams.

  5. Remote work options. Under our #BetterTogether framework, Siemens Energy provides for a flexible working environment through mutual agreement with their teams, and turns offices into vibrant collaboration centers, which are key destinations to interact, collaborate, interact and build relationships.

What career development opportunities can job seekers expect at Siemens Energy?

Our performance management approach, “My Performance,” puts our employees in the driving seat of managing not only their performance, but their career. Employees set their own goals, and they will have access to feedback and coaching conversations when they need them, making self-development easier. My Performance not only makes performance management simpler, more effective and beneficial, but it also drives development. 

Employees are empowered to drive their careers via useful tools such as coaching opportunities (with our Grow2Glow network), mentoring, job shadowing, job tagging and formal learning opportunities via our SE Learning Platform, which offers opportunities ranging from self-paced webinars to instructor-led virtual and in-person classes. 

Siemens Energy also puts great emphasis on the development of women, especially when it comes to women leadership development. As part of this, Siemens Energy has ambitious I&D goals of increasing the percentage of women in leadership to 25% by 2025 and to 30% by 2030. 

Siemens Energy’s internal women’s leadership pipeline program, Catalysta, is a global 12-month program that is designed for women leaders driving the (energy) transformation and who are eager to expand their network and accelerate their career.

In addition, Siemens Energy offers opportunities to further engage and network with women within our WIN@SE group, an employee resource group for women, which also provides a structured mentorship program. To ensure networking opportunities for our women talents internally and externally, and to further foster career development and career acceleration, we leverage our year-long partnership with Women Unlimited Inc.

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What else should women know about pursuing a career here? 

The energy market is changing in an unprecedented way. Through our transformation strategy, we are gradually shifting our business to meet demands differently in a way that will serve us in the longer term. We are finding a more sustainable balance between traditional core and decarbonized energy and pushing growth in distributed power generation.

If we’re to shift our business in this way, we also need to shift the skills and competencies we all bring to our work. The skills that served us so well in the past are not the same skills that will serve us well in the future. 

For this reason, we developed our FutureFit framework, which focuses on our future roles and capabilities. We provide a wide range of tools and resources to employees as well as encourage professional development discussions with managers on a continuous basis.

Additionally, career opportunities with full-time roles or temporary projects are open to stretch and develop talent. Siemens Energy is also dedicated to equal opportunity and transparency and therefore is committed to have all job openings, whether they are internal or external, posted.


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