WATCH: 17 Times Women Expertly Shut Down Sexist Interview Questions

Rihanna. Screenshot from

Rihanna. Screenshot from

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Many women have experienced sexism during an interview. Maybe you've been asked about your clothing and makeup. Maybe you've been told you're great at something... for a woman. Or maybe you've been asked about your love life or some other inappropriate topic. 
Facing sexism in an interview is a truly terrible experience. I think the only thing that could make it worse is if it happened in a public forum — say, on TV or the red carpet. Unfortunately, that's something female artists, athletes and other forms of celebrity face all the time. But that doesn't stop them from fighting back. Here are 17 times famous women stopped a sexist interview in its tracks. 

1. The time Ariana Grande shut down this sexist, shallow question about cell phones and makeup on a radio show. 

2. The time Taylor Swift snapped back when asked a sexist red carpet question about her love life. 

3. The time Scarlett Johansson shut down inappropriate questions about her clothes. 

4. The time Anne Hathaway shot back when asked about her diet. 

5. The time Simone Biles had to remind a man smiling doesn't win gold medals. 

6. The time Rihanna let us all know she isn't looking for a man (and a bunch of other women who stopped interview sexism). 

7-17. The time Emma Watson kept her cool after being asked a sexist question on TV (and 10 other women who shut down sexist questions). 

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