Are You a Recent Graduate? Here’s How Early Careers Programs Can Help You Grow Intentionally

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Neissa Rogene. Photo courtesy of the Waters Corporation.

Neissa Rogene. Photo courtesy of the Waters Corporation.

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Are you a recent (or soon-to-be graduate)? Looking for the best way to kickstart your professional journey and find what career is right for you?

If so, Neissa Rogene, who is in the beginning stages of her own career, is here to help! “My top advice for others who are early in their careers is to have a career strategy: know what you want your future career to look like and figure out how to get there,” she shares. “If you're unsure, consider joining an Early Careers program that will provide insight into different roles and tasks within an organization while simultaneously building your skills portfolio.”

But what is an Early Careers program? “Early Careers programs attract talented individuals and provide a structured path for their development,” explains Neissa. As such, these programs “benefit both the individuals and the companies by nurturing future leaders and fostering growth.”

Personally, Neissa tells us that she joined an Early Careers program when she was contemplating her post-graduation and job searching plans. “I wanted to be intentional and strategic in the roles that I was applying to,” she recalls. “My primary goal was to maximize my learning and skills, which is why I exclusively applied to developmental programs.”

This search led her to an Early Careers program at Waters Corporation (a global leader in analytical instruments, consumables, and software) — a powerful opportunity that enabled her to grow into a Financial Analyst role at the company!

Here, Neissa gives us an inside look into this exciting program (which she is currently a part of), as well as her advice for others who are interested in Early Careers programs. 

Exploring a successful Early Careers program.

The Waters Early Careers program that Neissa is participating in is a two-year finance developmental rotation program within various finance and accounting organizations. The program aims to train and develop high-potential future financial leaders across a variety of functions within Waters’ finance business units.

During the program, participants like Neissa are provided with a combination of skill development, networking opportunities, and training. As Neissa highlights, this structure results in a variety of benefits, including:

  1. “Gaining experiences throughout different organizations of the company.

  2. Access to valuable networking opportunities.

  3. Skills growth in ways that may not be available outside of such programs. 

  4. Allowing participants to discover their strengths and weaknesses 

  5. Having a mentor to turn to for guidance and advice.”

In her case, Neissa emphasizes how the program is providing her “with diverse experiences and skills, which will be instrumental in my career growth within the company.”

Early Careers programs are clearly beneficial to those starting out on their professional journey. But how can you be sure to make the most of these programs? Well, according to Neissa, it starts by being interactive. “The most important lesson I’m learning during the program is to always ask questions, which is crucial for learning and growth,” she reveals. 

So, if you want to act on her advice and ask questions about the Waters Early Careers program, reach out to their team. And, if you’re interested in open roles at the company, apply today via the link below!

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