What 15 Working Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day


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Chances are, if you ask your mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, she’ll probably tell you that she just wants her family to be together and happy. While such sentiments are sweet, we think your mom deserves a little more.
You know, the good stuff: sleep, chocolate, a massage, and several hours where she doesn’t have to scoop, wipe, sweep, wash, or do any other of the millions of mom things she does on a daily basis.
With Mother’s Day around the corner, we asked working moms (P.S. ALL moms are working moms) what they want for their special day.
Common themes included sleep, professional cleaning services, fun times spent with family, and the ability to sit for longer than a nanosecond without being beckoned to help someone. But more than anything, these moms just want to feel appreciated.
So, check out their responses and take notes. Then find out what your mom desires most on her special day — and give it to her.

What 15 Working Moms Actually Want for Mother's Day

1. “To have my house professionally cleaned.” – Caitlin Shoe
2. “I have asked to have my car detailed for the past several Mother’s Days. So far, no luck. Maybe this will be my year!” – Bronwyn Hays Croley
3. “To have my house professionally cleaned, and maybe a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep.” – Dana Lloren
4. “I know that no matter what we do, I will still have my normal role, i.e., if the kids get dirty, I will be the one to bathe them. So, with that being said, [I’d like to] make getting dirty worth my while. A ‘day trip’ to Galveston beach (expensive seafood lunch, too, please) sounds pretty good! My husband­—a civil engineer—works 12-hour days 12-13 days in a row, so a day trip is a special use of our time together.” – Marissa Terry
5. “[As the mother of a six-month-old] I want sleep!” – Heidi Hamblin
6. “I want to be truly thought of. I want my kids and my husband to do anything under the sun, anything at all, that will show me they thought about me: who I am, what makes me smile, what gives me joy. They could do something as seemingly small as turn up a JT song or make me a cup of tea as it’s not really the act that moves me, it’s the thought.” – Jodie Utter
7. “I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant with my third daughter. My other girls are 3 and (almost) 2, and all I want for Mother’s Day is a pizza brunch with my family, a snuggle sesh with the hubs while the girls nap, and a vanilla Dr. Pepper.” – Arianna Freelen
8. “A nap!!” – Carolyn Moore
9. “This year I would love for my house and car to be professionally cleaned. But more than that, I just want to spend the day with my people doing whatever we feel like doing that day when we wake up.” – Abbie Dunlap
10. “To not hear the word ‘Mooooooooommy!!!’ ONCE. For the whole day.” – Emily Solberg
11. “Sleep would be lovely, especially if my two-year-old would not stand outside my bedroom door and yell ‘Mama, mama, mama’ when I’ve gone back to bed after getting up early with him. (My husband is more than willing to take him but can’t really stop the yelling). A really lovely day somewhere with family would be nice too.” – Shannon Brescher Shea
12. “For time to slow down so I can hold my babies a little longer.” – Nikki Pennington
13. “A day of not having to answer when someone yells ‘mom,' and to just sit on my butt and enjoy my family while my husband answers the calls—even if he DID just ‘find the perfect position’ on the couch.” – Debra Preston
14. “I would LOVE to just spend Mother’s Day with all 4 of my babies doing something outdoors that we all enjoy!” – Mandi Curt
15. “All the dirty white socks that have inhabited places I can’t find to show up all at once clean and folded and in their proper drawers!” – Lisa Leshaw
Happy Mother’s Day!
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