What Does Your Go-To Interview Outfit Say About Your Personality?

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May 25, 2024 at 8:5AM UTC
As a night spent binging "Queer Eye" will tell you, what we choose to wear sends a message to the outside world about who we are, what we care about, and how we see ourselves. And nowhere is that message higher stakes, perhaps, than when you're walking into an interview for a job you're dying to have. 

It's moments like these where ditching the standard interview attire rule book and opting instead for an outfit that best showcases your unique value proposition may be the wisest route. What part of your personality are you most intent on highlighting to hiring managers? See if you can spot yourself in the list below. 

1. You're a powerhouse (who still knows how to have a little fun).

Dynamic and self-assured, you're the type of leader others most love to get behind (we mean, c'mon — you're wearing a white pantsuit). The confidence you have in your vision, as well as in your ability to execute it, makes you an asset to any employer. But you're not overly stuffy about getting the job done, either, as evidenced by a peek of cheetah print and a pop-of-color bag.

2. You're a sophisticate who's intentional about what and how you contribute.

Gravitating toward muted tones and relaxed fabrics, your ability to assemble them in an ultra-polished way shows that your confidence stems not from being the brassiest in the room, but in being able to calculatingly assess what the highest value contribution is. You're cool and collected, with an ability to stay calm under pressure that employers love.

3. You're the office energizer. 

You bring a level of passion and enthusiasm to your work that's contagious, as evidenced by your taste for colorful patterns and clothing that moves with you. Who has time to sit still, after all, when there are so many projects to kick off, goals to hit, and fun to have along the way? You offer a kind of vivacity that any office needs. 

4. You're a planner and an organizer, with a keen eye for detail.

You've definitely looked forward to the chance to start a new spreadsheet before, don't lie. That's part of what makes you such an office MVP, though! Timeless and reliable, you know that the bigger picture can't be achieved without attention to the details, which can also be seen in the sleek and carefully curated interview looks you go for.

5. You're the resident "Ideas Person."

Not one for following convention, your workplace sartorial choices might be seen as daring by some — but then again, so is your attitude overall. Bold and innovative, you're constantly a step ahead of the pack, and employers need that. In interviews, you make it clear what a boundary pusher you are by choosing bright colors and exaggerated details, like balloon sleeves.

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