What I’ve Learned From Pursuing 3 Different Careers at the Same Company

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Photo Courtesy of Capital Group.

Photo Courtesy of Capital Group.

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Project Manager Alexis Cady, now based in Irvine, CA, first found Capital Group at a college career fair. Little did she know, it’d turn out to be so much more than a “starter” job — she’s still growing her career at the financial services firm 13 years later. 

Cady started in client services — learning the ins and outs of the company to answer client questions — before moving to work on the Capital Group websites and discovering her interest in project management. She says one reason she loves her work at Capital Group is that her interests and development goals are always taken into consideration. Cady’s transitioned off teams without feeling guilty to seize a new opportunity within the organization and she’s had managers advocate for her to take the projects that spark her interest. She couldn’t imagine getting that level of support anywhere else. 

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But there are several other reasons Cady loves her job at Capital Group, including the things she’s learned about career development by sticking within one company and one industry for over a decade. She told us more about her career journey and the people who made it possible. Then, we dove into her best advice for finding a career that allows you to keep discovering more about yourself and the work you love. 

How did you find Capital Group?

I met Capital Group at a career fair during my senior year in college. Before I attended, I was talking with a friend and mentor at the time about the companies that were going to be present. She highly recommended I meet with Capital Group. Previously, she recruited for some of our temporary roles in Brea. She said it was a company that I could grow with. It's not surprising that Capital Group had one of the longest lines of soon-to-be grads waiting for their chance to share a resume and chat with a recruiter. I'm so glad I was able to connect with one as well. After a very long interview process, I was offered the role and started about a month after graduation.

What about Capital Group stood out to you and made you want to join?  

The culture didn't seem like a statement but rather something that was truly integral to the company. That proved to be true time and time again throughout my career. For example, a few years back, I was transitioning between projects and discussing the next opportunity with my manager. There was a major initiative under way to support some legislative changes and they needed help. At the same time, there was an upcoming transformation program that better aligned with my development objectives. We decided it would be best to wait a few weeks for the transformation program opportunity, as it better fit my development objectives. This decision exemplifies how Capital Group embodies our company's core values and supports its culture by making decisions that are the best for its associates.

What’s something you think most people don’t know about Capital Group that you think they should? 

Every associate knows we have a collaborative culture, but I've experienced an important distinction at Capital Group where all voices are heard. That doesn't mean we all have to agree. There is power in the collective and support for each other. If all voices are heard, the decision or outcome will be able to change along the way for the better. 

Tell me about the roles that you’ve held at your company, as well as your current one. What about this role most excites you?  

I've essentially had three careers at Capital Group (so far!). Each was built off of experience and skills I gained along the way.

I started in Client Services and worked there for about four years where I learned a tremendous amount about the company and our funds and offerings. I participated in multiple specialty trainings, and especially loved my focus in our 529 CollegeAmerica program and website support. There, I helped callers when they ran into issues on our websites and built relationships with our technology counterparts to escalate customer issues.

This led to a testing internship for our websites and ultimately to my next role as a website business tester. I worked on projects as we enhanced, redesigned and launched new websites. This created opportunities to coordinate our team’s day-to-day work and some project work. It piqued my interest in project management, which helped me transition into a role in our Enterprise Project Management Office, where I've worked for the last five years. As a project manager, I've helped lead large, multi-year change initiatives in our retirement plan services and investment operations departments. I've met so many great people and feel that I'm consistently challenged, growing and excited to come to work!

What’s been your favorite aspect since joining?

I've been provided countless development opportunities both inside and outside of my "day job." One of the most memorable was with our Investment Technology Women's Connect  group. They asked me to moderate a panel discussing women empowering women. Our panelists included Julie St. John and Jody Jonsson. Not only did I get to work with them to prepare for the session, but the opportunity provided me exposure to two incredible women in our organization that my day-to-day activities would not typically. I loved that experience and learned so much from it!

Photo Courtesy of Capital Group.
Photo Courtesy of Capital Group.

A lot of people believe that developing your career means changing companies — and not infrequently. What has enabled you to develop your career without job hopping?  

Consistent growth. I don't view growth as simply a title and promotion change. I view it as the ability to consistently learn. I think when people consider changing companies, something drives them to do that  — whether it be the feeling of a better opportunity, stagnation in their current career or anything in between. Whenever I felt the drive for change, I chose to look within the organization. I love working here. I love the people. I love that the organization supports growth opportunities for its associates. There have been times where my work was incredibly valued and leaving a small team could impact them during a transition period, but even those changes were supported because it was best for me.

Ultimately, what has led you to stay at Capital Group?

This could be shortsighted, but there were very few times in my career that I've thought about leaving the company altogether. I have friends and colleagues at other companies and when we swap stories, things just feel better here. It's not a science. I'm happy, I love the people and I grow. Until that changes, I'm staying.

What’s the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve received? 

Starting my career in client services was an incredible way to learn about the way our company operates and the investment industry as a whole. Though honestly, at the time, I didn't appreciate its impact. The training is extensive, as you're expected to help callers with the answers to their questions or help get them to the answer. It sounds simple, but the nature of the questions can be complex. I recall a manager telling me that we know so much and other areas of the company don't have the benefit of our training. Even after she said that, I still didn't realize the power it holds. Fast forward 10+ years into my career, working in a different area of the organization, and I now have a tremendous appreciation for the ability to understand the context of how different parts of the company operate and how they contribute to the success of our business as a whole. Everyone should seek knowledge like that. 


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