What Makes This Company Such a Great Place for Women In Finance?


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Despite recent progress toward more inclusive workplaces, some industries — like financial services — still have a way to go before they can be considered female friendly. Despite investing in D&I initiatives, many financial services firms struggle to move beyond the stereotype of cutthroat, “old boys” network environments. Improving female representation and gender balance by the numbers is essential, and so is fostering a culture of inclusivity where all talent can thrive.

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Thankfully, Fitch Ratings is a finance company that’s determined to buck the industry’s status quo. By focusing on the development and retention of women in its ranks, Fitch is leading by example to advance gender equality — and women who work there are definitely taking note.
By the very nature of its ratings workflow, Fitch is a collaborative culture where everyone has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the organization. Ratings are determined by committee — never an individual — and everyone’s vote, regardless of seniority or expertise, counts exactly the same. Process even dictates that the most junior committee member has the opportunity to ask questions and share opinions first, to ensure that everyone has a voice and a platform to exercise it.
Ensuring everyone reaches their full potential is also a priority for Fitch, and learning and development is embedded in their culture. Formal training programs like Fitch Credit Academy and Fitch Management Academy are two great examples of robust development opportunities the company offers its employees, not to mention informal learning opportunities through mentoring. Fitch even offers training for its mentors to ensure that they are well equipped to develop talent effectively.
Another recent initiative, CreditPath, is a high touch, 10-week paid internship to support women returning to the workforce. Fitch welcomed its inaugural cohort in 2017 to great success, and is expanding the program to Chicago and London in addition to NY in 2018.  Applications are currently being accepted.  
CreditPath is just one of the ways Fitch has made its commitment to promoting women, at all stages of their careers, a priority. It’s no surprise, then, that Fairygodboss users are calling it “the most pleasant place” they’ve ever worked. After experiencing the more standard stressors of the typical, uncompromising finance workplace, wouldn’t you?
As part of their commitment to increasing diversity, Fitch has also enlisted Fairygodboss to help them attract great female talent. The company is determined to add more women throughout its ranks.
If you work in finance and are looking for challenging, dynamic work, with lots of opportunity and a culture that respects both women and work-life balance, look no further. Check out the openings at Fitch Ratings; there are loads of them!