What Sets My Company Apart? ‘Our Commitment to Philanthropy and Our Love of Science'

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Chiarina (Kina) Mapa

Image courtesy of Phenomenex.

May 25, 2024 at 3:13PM UTC

When envisioning her future, Chiarina (Kina) Mapa saw herself going into the medical field as a doctor, but, halfway through her pre-med courses, she came to a stark realization — she does not have an affinity for blood. So, getting that MD was out; however, Kina’s love of chemistry drove her decision to finish her pre-med track and try her hand at a few research positions.

“I did research for a while before realizing, ‘I don’t quite have the personality for research,’” remarks Kina. “I started looking for something a bit more commercial, and I found Phenomenex — a place where I could apply both my interests in business and my knowledge in chemistry.”

Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in industrial, clinical research, governmental and academic laboratories. And, their welcoming and inclusive global community truly supports employees like Kina.

To learn more about Kina’s role at Phenomenex, and how the company helps her grow her career while providing great benefits and a passionate culture, read on!

A great culture for growing a meaningful career.

As a senior sales manager based in Singapore, Kina oversees Phenomenex’s sales footprint across the region, which includes Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Many of the markets she manages are developing countries that have issues with water safety. Government labs in those areas leverage Phenomenex products to ensure that ten of thousands of people have access to clean drinking water. “The work we do benefits such a wide society,” explains Kina. “The moment I realized that is when it hit me that we make a big impact.” 

Several other factors contribute to Kina’s career satisfaction at Phenomenex, where she’s worked for more than a decade. 

“Phenomenex is creative and vibrant, and we have a young, energetic culture.” “But what really sets us apart are two values: our commitment to philanthropy and our love of science.” — Kina

At Phenomenex, it’s not only the scientists who love science, but that deep interest and fascination with understanding and solving the world’s largest problems runs steadily through all departments. Take Kina’s track, for example, which married her love of chemistry and interest in business..

“Most of the sales team — actually, most of the company — has an interest in and love of science,” says Kina. “Especially during this time of COVID-19, my team talks a lot about vaccines (e.g., how they’re made, how they can be improved) and that’s what really interests us.”

The creative and vibrant energy of Kina’s team shines through in one of her favorite work memories: a friendly competition with her sales team. If they reached their KPIs, Kina committed to eating durian, which is considered one of the stinkiest fruits on the planet. Unsurprisingly, her team crushed their goals. However, in a twist of events, their sales director made the decision to join Kina, meaning she didn’t have to eat durian alone. As the whole team watched with enjoyment and laughter, Kina recalls a special sense of camaraderie, togetherness and competitive spirit that helped inspire and drive her team forward. 

How Phenomenex helps employees do good — for their communities and themselves!

Whether through charitable donations, company-wide projects, or offering employees paid-time-off to volunteer, Phenomenex has always championed philanthropy. This resonates deeply with Kina, who dedicates significant time outside of work to helping others.

The mission of Phenomenex is to serve and inspire the greater community,” says Kina. “I try to live that myself whether by serving the local community, or inspiring younger generations throughout the globe.”

When living in Australia, Kina’s home country, she founded The D.R.E.A.M. Project, an NGO dedicated to supporting students and families from refugee backgrounds through mentorship and resources that help them integrate with the Australian community. While launching the organization, which is still active and successful today, Kina recalls the support Phenomenex gave her through both monetary funding and approved time off to focus on growing the organization.

Today, Kina dedicates her weekends to Hillcrest Girls Club, an offshoot of the Social Enterprise for Education and Development (SEED), which serves young girls through mentorship programs, helping them forge strong characters and learn life skills beyond what’s traditionally taught in the classroom. Kina mentors girls ages 9-10 in the Sparklers Club and teaches them about art, culture, culinary skills and the importance of giving back to their communities. 

“My hope is to inspire and pave the way for the next generation of female scientists. Young talent is already sprouting up and can make a monumental difference. Girls shouldn’t be scared to do science. Through my experience, I want young women to see that Phenomenex can and will support them, elevate their voices, and help them successfully achieve their dreams.” — Kina

As a leader at Phenomenex and within her community, Kina is also committed to prioritizing her physical and mental health — not only for the personal benefits but also to set an example for those around her.

“Keeping healthy is the key to your mental health,” notes Kina. “I think it's important to shut off and recharge, and exercise is how I do that.”

When not at work or volunteering her time, Kina can often be found practicing yoga, participating in musical theater, or challenging her husband to a friendly cooking competition.

Interested in joining Kina as part of the Phenomenex team? They are hiring! Click the link below to browse current job openings! 

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