We Bet We Can Guess What’s In Your Work Wardrobe, Based On Your Personality Type

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Leah Thomas866
May 25, 2024 at 10:32PM UTC

What we choose to wear to work on a Monday-through-Friday (or whatever combination of days) basis can signal quite a few things about who we are as people. Sure, you may feel as though you have to water down some parts of your style in order to make it workplace appropriate and professional. But as attire etiquette generally loosens, it's more possible than ever to have a workplace wardrobe that reflects your personality and values. 

Below, we're highlighting a few Instagram workwear muses who do an exceptional job at blending work-appropriate looks with personal style — and we bet we can guess whose style you're drawn to most, based on which set of personality traits you identify with.

1. You’re outgoing and adventurous.

If you’re that friend who’s not afraid to take risks (we’ve all got one), you’re probably choosing bright colors, bold prints and more when it comes to your workplace wardrobe. You’re not afraid to take a fashion risk when it comes to things like patterns, funky pants and shoulder pads. Make no mistake, though. This doesn’t mean you’re making wardrobe choices that run the risk of causing offense —  you still keep it professional yet fun and stylish, like Folake Kuye Huntoon in this green blouse and blue wide-leg trousers.

What’s missing: When you have a tendency to be drawn toward fun trends, it can mean investing in classic staples doesn't always make it to the top of your shopping list. They're classics for a reason, though! Don't forget to put some capital toward high-quality basics that you can pair with trendier (and cheaper) items across seasons.

2. You’re direct and to-the-point.

There's nothing wrong with sticking to the basics that you know work best for you. If you’re worried about your coworkers being distracted by your loud clothing items in a meeting rather than paying attention to the words coming out of your mouth, you probably tend to don more neutral colors, as well as traditional necklines and styles. Chances are you'll approve of this midi black dress with tan sandals from blogger Amy Jackson, who copped the look on Amazon!

What’s missing: Try adding one pop of color to your everyday look to keep things interesting, even if it's as simple as a patterned scarf or statement necklace. It'll look like you made an effort with your ensemble, and that can have positive spillover effects on the way your coworkers perceive you overall.

3. You’re a do-it-all office chameleon. 

If you consider yourself to be outgoing but you also work in a more conservative environment and want to be taken seriously, you likely express yourself through your accessories. Honing in on outfit accoutrements makes for a more subdued way of highlighting your personality and taking your look to the next level. An accessories queen is the girl who doesn’t have to be the center of attention to still make an impression. Krystal Bick, for example, rocks this chic office look with a simple skirt and blazer that’s taken to the next level with an added belt and earrings. 

What’s missing: No matter how many eye-catching accessories you may have stockpiled, a wardrobe isn't complete with at least one standalone "wow" dress or coordinated blouse-pant combo. If it's been awhile since you've worn something like this, make a point of acquiring one full-on statement look soon. You may be a bigger fan of the spotlight than you realize!  

4. You're easygoing and personable.

If you're first and foremost a casual, relaxed person who hates the artifice of getting dressed up for work, we get it. You probably spend all your free time in the look you find comfiest, whether that's athleisure-wear, a favorite band T-shirt, or a slightly more elevated (but still comfortable) jumpsuit. Whatever your go-to look is, in true California girl-fashion, it takes you less than five minutes to throw on whatever you're wearing to the office that day. Not everyone enjoys putting on a blazer and slacks before going into the office, and that's A.O.K.! If this sounds like you, we have a feeling you'll enjoy this breathable linen + cotton chambray look worn by Jess Snow.

What’s missing: As comfort-focused as you are, shoes that are appropriate for the office can sometimes present a bit of a conundrum.  We're not saying you absolutely have to own a pair of heels — that's a myth. But try out a pair of espadrilles with a slight wedge or perhaps even a low block heel if you're looking to take a step up from the average sandal.

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