5 Reasons Women Love Working at Fidelity

Women at Fidelity

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May 22, 2024 at 4:22AM UTC

There’s more to who we are than what we do professionally. That being said, what we do professionally does account for a pretty significant chunk of our day-to-day lives. With the average American working 44 hours a week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that means our careers account for about 2,288 of our waking hours annually. 

Finding a job that brings you a sense of true purpose and fulfillment can only elevate how enriching you find those 2,288 hours. Our careers don’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why we were so encouraged to see how positively women on Fairygodboss are reviewing their employee experience at Fidelity Investments

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The financial industry may continue to feel less welcoming to women, but FGB’ers at Fidelity say their experience has bucked this status quo. Here’s what they had to say. 

1. Employees at Fidelity understand there is life outside work.

“It’s an environment that rewards hard work and success, but if you focus more on your life outside of work, it’s a great place for that, as well,” one FGB’er wrote. “It’s a well-established company that understands employees are mature and have families and outside lives.”

2. The benefits are top-notch.

Fun perks, like on-tap seltzer water and casual Fridays, are all well and good. But amenities will only get you so far. Women at Fidelity are quick to note that when they say the company has an excellent benefits package, they’re referring to the benefits that matter.

“Benefits are more on the paid parental leave and generous 401k’s side of things, rather than Friday beers,” one FGB’er noted. Another said that, as a single woman, the benefit she’s appreciated the most so far is Fidelity’s student loan repayment and assistance.

3. Working hard and having flexibility are equally valued.

Depending on one’s role, work from home opportunities are “flexible and you get personal days, which is nice,” wrote one FGB’er who says she works from home two or three days each week. Another reviewer noted having made use of Fidelity’s personal leave of absence benefit, and others said they’ve taken as many four weeks of annual paid time off.

4. You can build a lasting career here.

"I would tell anyone it’s a great place to work — Fidelity has a focus on both its employees and its customers,” one woman said. “I feel valued and am happy to say I have been here 20 years.”

5. Fidelity’s culture allows women’s careers to follow an upward trajectory.

“There are many women in leadership positions, at multiple levels, making progress in a typically male-dominated industry,” one FGB’er wrote. Another praised the company’s “strong women in leadership roles,” including CEO Abigail Johnson, and added that “it’s an environment where both men and women support women advancing.”

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